Nido Qubein: The Pain of Changing Yourself

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Catherine Hughes

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This weeks motivational video features Nido Qubein who came to the United States as a teenager with no knowledge of English, no contacts and only $50 in his pocket. Nido Qubein is the president of High Point University, a liberal arts institution with approximately 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students from 50 countries and 44 states.

As a motivational speaker, he encourages businesses and organizations throughout the world on how to improve their vision and achieve success.

Enjoy this video on The Pain of Changing Yourself.

I find his stories and speeches fascinating, to read more about him, visit his website at 8 Women Dream salutes you Nido.

May everyone have an inspirational week and keep on dreaming –


  • Catherine

    PS. I admire you and your life. We’ll discuss that over coffee too.

  • Catherine

    Danelle I love your honesty. I think it can be how the speaker delivers their message and whether we resonate with their story. There are more men in the profession of public speaking, so many of the videos are from a male point of view. What I am looking for in a speaker is the fact that they overcame their own doubts and obstacles to move to a different place in their lives – here they stand sharing their story.
    I liked this one because he started with $50.00 in his pocket which sends a message during these times that money will not get in the way of your dream. It is possible to make it happen – regardless the odds. Someday I plan to give that exact speech, for everyone has no idea where I am coming from and how far I will go.
    I need to have coffee with you!

  • Danelle, the equestrian

    I have to admit – I simply cannot watch “motivational” speakers like that because it only points out to me how much I’m failing in my own life. Doesn’t motivate me, just makes me feel bad and like a loser. Is that weird – that I have the opposite reaction to motivational stuff?

  • I first came across him when I picked up his book Get the Best from Yourself back in the 80s. His story is an amazing tribute to the American Dream.