Different Ways To Tell a Story (video)

Different Ways To Tell a Story: You are never destroyed by circumstance quote by Chad HymasAs a motivational speaker, I am convinced that a story is our greatest tool to influence and impact. Stories do what content can’t.

And I always coach speakers and storytellers to SHOW instead of TELL. Don’t tell me about the story, show it to me.

Take me there.

Today I want to share a perfect example.

Meet my friend Chad Hymas, a fellow motivational speaker, sharing his story in a way that gets your attention.

Well done, my friend.

Chad Hymas Believe TV- Quadriplegic Gets Undressed–

 On YouTube: http://youtu.be/Z9v3LbNUsxk

As C-4 quadriplegic, Chad Hymas travels the world alone as an inspirational speaker and gets undressed and dressed daily by himself. It took him 2 1/2 years to learn the entire process.

Never give up on what might seem to be impossible!

Kelly Swanson
You. Your Story. Make An Impact!

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