Positive Body Image With Parts Missing

Body image is tricky for everyone. But our perception of beauty has to grow to embrace ALL bodies. Even those missing parts or organs. With cancer and other diseases changing how we look, we have to change how we SEE.

This woman changed how I see beauty in just a few short minutes. She lost part of her leg and has worked tirelessly to prove every freaking beauty magazine wrong. And I’m just sitting here in awe.


Finding Happiness in Breaking Up with Fear


Last year, in early February, I attended a women’s meditation circle in Troy, New York where I live. I told the women that my goal for the year as to break up with fear and marry faith – and in doing so to be as bold as possible, and to live joyfully.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 8 Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Fitness Gift for the Holidays

Your friends and loved ones may be grabbing their sneakers early in the morning and running off the to the gym. You know they are dedicated to their fitness goals, but what holiday gift would they need? Here are a few of my favorite classics and a few new items that me and most of […]

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The 5 Stages of Change and the Change Process

the process of change sm

As we approach that last few weeks of this year and people begin to think about changing their lives and making their dreams come true in the coming year, I’ve decided to bring forward one of my more popular posts on the 5 stages of change. Fear, depression, anger, elation, excitement and joy are all […]

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8 Must-haves to Pack for a Round the World Trip


To those of you adding your world travel dream to your bucket list for next year, I’ve been thinking about best advice I could give you. I decided to offer up my suggestions on what you should take with you. ¬†You can purchase them over time and keep them in your travel hope chest. In […]

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Tips for Professional Speakers: Turn a Small Opportunity Into a Big Opportunity


Ever wonder if you should have said yes to that small gig? Sometimes I accept offers for less than my fee. (Pause for you to gasp in horror and ask me if I have no shame.) It’s business. And in the business world EVERYTHING is negotiable. If you call me today for a job tomorrow, […]

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Society of Beautiful

society of beautiful

When I started this business, I was 100 pounds heavier. I taught myself posing and lighting and sought to understand all the ways that cameras lie. Society’s version of beautiful doesn’t take into account that we’re all unique beings here for a unique purpose. Our bodies are vessels and they change. They age. We have […]

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