Why Professional Speakers Should Join The National Speakers Association

Tapping Into The Power Of Your Peers

One of the best things I did for my business as a motivational speaker was to join the National Speakers Association. Here are the reasons why it is smart to associate with people in your industry.

  • You have a group of people who “get it” and can relate to your trials and tribulations.
  • You develop a strong network of people to go to for advice and support and encouragement.
  • Speakers recommend other speakers. They can’t refer you if they don’t know you.
  • They hold conferences that allow you to network and learn.
  • An association pays attention to the industry as a whole and provides you valuable information from a perspective you don’t see.
  • People in an association can become fans of your work and part of your community to build more business.
  • There are often awards and honors within the association. Being liked by your audience is important, but being respected by your peers is amazing.
  • Many associations, like mine, have a magazine that provides added value all year long.

Surround Yourself With Others Who Share Your Journey. When we connect, we all get stronger together.

My biggest jobs, coolest opportunities, best friends, and biggest advancements in my career can be directly tracked back to my involvement in the National Speakers Association.

If you are a professional speaker, or want to be, don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of this family. You’ll be glad you did.  For more info go to http://www.nsaspeaker.org/

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