Motivation For The Entrepreneur

My Business Is Great But My Life Is A Mess

My Uncle Peter was an extremely successful business man who never talked about business at home, and never talked about his family at work. He prided himself on life balance. Until he had a heart attack. Turns out stress was more powerful than his life plan. You see, that’s the thing. We think we’re controlling our stress, when often it’s controlling us, and we think that by saying “we’re fine” we are. Not true.

Never Mix Business With Pleasure?

It’s been an old adage that our business and personal lives do not mix. But leaving our personal lives at the door of the office is not realistic. We do bring those issues to work with us, and vice versa. So today’s message is simple. Get your sh*t together.  Whatever you haven’t worked through in your personal life will find its way into your business. Better to deal with it now than later.

So How Do We Get Our Life Back?

Good question. And not one I can easily answer. But it starts with this: Take time to assess your life. Go on a personal retreat. Turn off the noise and the distractions and the list of things to do. Get grounded again. Remind yourself what’s important. Start with the end of your life and what will be most important when all is said and done.

If you need help finding clarity in this time of rest and reflection, I would like to recommend a book “Wrapped In Stillness” by Laurie Guest.

It’s never too late to change your life.

Staying On The Funny Side: Of Big Hair

How Big Hair Saved My Life Okay. So I’m known to exaggerate. I’ll give you that. But this time I’m pretty sure I’m not.  I could have been killed.  And I have my hair to thank for saving my life. I was on a flight from somewhere to somewhere else (they all run together) and […]

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Motivational Speaker Hits Reality TV

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Is Headed to Television It’s true. In case you missed the other blog posts, I’ve added a new job title to author, motivational speaker, and comedian: TV show cast member. I guess that means I can call myself an actress now, right? It’s a very cool TV show. It’s called The Fashion […]

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How To Be A Motivational Speaker

Six Simple Steps To Being a Successful Motivational Speaker Not easy….just simple In my career as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling expert, I meet hundreds of people who want to be motivational speakers. While the rest of the world looks at them like they’ve grown an extra head (it’s not a normal profession, let’s […]

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How To Rock a Bureau Showcase

How to Rock the 15-Minute Presentation Got a bureau showcase coming up? Freaking out because you only have fifteen minutes including your introduction? You’re not alone. I’ve been there many times, and it’s a grueling assignment. You almost feel like you’re being set up for failure, forcing someone to determine whether they should hire you […]

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If You Don’t Have This, You Don’t Have a Story

No Character, No Conflict, No Story In my career of teaching people in business how to use story as a tool of impact, I see a common mistake. People tell me stories that aren’t really stories.  A list of facts is not a story.  Telling me how you got started in business is not a […]

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How To Connect with Your Audience

If You Don’t Connect, You Don’t Have Impact The key to being a powerful motivational keynote speaker, is not found in your content, but rather in your ability to connect and engage with your audience.  Most speakers I see forget this step and head straight to content. Mistake. We are all sales people on that […]

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What Every Story Must Have

Three Basic Things EVERY STORY Must Have Every story must have these three components – no exceptions: A BEGINNING A MIDDLE AN END Sounds oversimplified, but the task of story writing can be daunting because most people don’t understand its basic construction.  One quick and easy way to get a handle on that story and […]

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One Simple Way to Get More Business

  Leverage Every Audience As motivational speakers, our best avenue for new business is that audience sitting right in front of us. Word-of-mouth is the driving force of this business, and those people sitting in front of you will be the ones that take your name out into the world. So give them something to […]

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