Finding Happiness Through the Power of the Sisterhood


I am blessed not only with two incredible biological sisters, but with a whole tribe of soul sisters. My soul sisters empower me, lift me up, remind me who I am and why I do what I do, and just generally make my life so much better. Especially as I work on building my own […]

Finding Happiness Through Rewriting Your Money Story


I am practicing ways to find more happiness even when my financial situation feels stressful, and wanted to share these. Generating a feeling of more abundance can actually help more money to flow into our lives.

Finding Happiness Through Storytelling

stearns family

Who doesn’t love a good story? Ever since I was a little girl, I have found great joy not only in reading gripping novels and watching movies that made me lose myself for two hours in the dark, but also in writing and telling stories myself. These days, I am finding happiness through storytelling again, […]

Finding Happiness Through Being a Mermaid

MERMAID 2015 wide eyed starfish mermaid

It was something I have dreamt about for at least a decade, but possibly forever. I finally had the chance to be a Mermaid in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, and it was beyond amazing. It was epic. It was life-changing. I am forever a mermaid now, until the end of my days! The Coney Island Mermaid […]

Finding Happiness Through Being A Sexy Vegan

women are like bacon

A lot of my friends have what seems to me to be a rather unhealthy obsession with bacon. It’s hard for me to understand it, because I stopped eating meat ten years ago, and recently transitioned from being vegetarian (no meat) to vegan (essentially no meat, dairy or eggs, i.e. no animal-based products). But everybody […]

Finding Happiness in Every Breath


I am so thankful right now, feeling gratitude and finding happiness in every single breath of clean air, just a week after my family finally escaped to safety after being deeply impacted by the volcanic eruption and ash cloud from Calbuco in Chile.

Giving Dream Focus to Your Fitness Goals

image quote: turn her dreams into plans - image quote

It takes years to work on fitness dreams, from gaining health to losing weight. These things take time. So does coming to realize what my own dream needs: focus. That might sound stupid. After all I have been sharing with you dear dreamers all about how I lost 75+ pounds 3 years back. It feels […]