An Easy Way For Motivational Speakers To Write A Book

You can’t make money until you have a book. A book gives you more credibility as a speaker. You need something you can sell in the back of the room. I have so much material. I have no idea how to condense it into one book. Every time I sit down to write I don’t […]

How To Write a Story in 3 Easy Steps

3 Easy Steps to Write a Story Struggling with how to write that story for your next speech? Here is an easy formula that I use when I need to write a story fast.  I call it the Three Paragraph Method because it has three paragraphs to its construction. Brilliant title. I know. Let me clarify that […]

Storytelling For Engagement

Storytelling In Business  Storytelling is a big word these days in business. It’s always been a big word for me, since I’ve spent my life studying the art and business of story and how to harness its power over our minds and over our ability to connect with people.  I’ve always believed that storytelling is […]

My Story Crafting Process

What’s the process for finding and telling stories that have impact and influence? Story crafting and telling and writing is, to me, an art. A creative process.  Each story a separate piece of clay. So it’s hard to boil it down to a system or a process. Yet so many people keep asking me to […]