When Your Content Doesn’t Fit The Corporate Box

Speakers Living Outside The Corporate Box I have a LOT to say for those speakers whose messages don’t fit the mold.  But today I have one story that sums it all up. It happened yesterday in church. We had a guest speaker in church yesterday who, hands down, delivered what was one of the best speeches […]

One Easy Way To Get More Professional Speaking Gigs

Having a hard time getting more bookings in professional speaking? Just like it takes money to make money, it takes bookings to get more bookings.  But all you need is one and you have an easy way to get more. How? LEVERAGE. This means that you try to use that one booking as leverage to get more. […]

Does your audience care about your message?

What you want to say isn’t necessarily what they want to hear I’ve spent years coaching motivational speakers – helping them find their voice, tell their story, and take their message to the world. And I see a big disconnect for many speakers between their message and what the audience wants. Speakers tend to be very […]

How Speakers Can Create New Products

  Motivational Speakers Need Products Okay, so you don’t HAVE to have products to be a motivational speaker. But products help give you credibility, marketing opportunities, and a way to make more money at each gig. It doesn’t always have to be a book. Every speaker at some point hears that he needs to have […]

The Motivational Speaker’s Hangover

The Day AFTER The Gig It’s the part nobody ever tells you about when you enter the speaking business – the hangover.  No, I’m not talking about the kind you get from drinking too much, although sometimes that’s part of it – especially if your speaking gig ends in a free upgrade on the airline […]