When Your Content Doesn’t Fit The Corporate Box

Speakers Living Outside The Corporate Box I have a LOT to say for those speakers whose messages don’t fit the mold.  But today I have one story that sums it all up. It happened yesterday in church. We had a guest speaker in church yesterday who, hands down, delivered what was one of the best speeches […]

Why Speakers Should Blog

Professional Speakers: You Should Start A Blog As professional speakers, we hear a lot of advice on how to get paid to speak. One piece of advice we’ve been hearing for a while now, is that we should start a blog. Some of us do, some of us are meaning to.  The problem is that […]

Audio Interview Tips

Audio Interview Tips Interviews are a normal part of the speaking business when you’re a motivational speaker.  While we spend our careers speaking on a stage, being interviewed over the phone requires an entirely different set of skills.  It is much harder to connect and engage when you no longer have the ability to use […]