Planning the Launch of You and Your Big Dream

I should really call this post: “An Ode to Rayne Wolfe, journalist and published author…” After four years of writing and sharing my dream success thoughts on 8 Women Dream, today I can offer you a “this-is-how it’s-done-dream-come-true story” right out of the pages of 8 Women Dream. Yesterday, former 8 Women Dreamer, Rayne Wolfe’s […]

From Zero to Book Published: 8 Women Dream Style

By Rayne Wolfe In 2009, I was a reporter working for a New York Times regional newspaper in Northern California’s Wine Country. With ten years of daily news-gathering under my belt, I had survived multiple rounds of brutal lay-offs and the stress was getting to me. I thought it might be time to take a […]

The Genius Diet Conclusion: The Travel Trip Test

How I actually lost weight during a theater week in New York City. A month ago I flew to New York City on an anniversary trip with my husband. We were treating ourselves to a week of Broadway shows, New York shopping and fine dining. To make it a little more interesting, a week before […]

The Genius Diet: For Every Swing of the Pendulum

When you’re doing everything right yet gaining weight. I have worn prescription glasses since I was a toddler because I have very poor eyesight.  I am so poor-sighted that if I don’t put my glasses in the same spot every night when I turn off my bedside lamp I run the risk of not being […]

The Genius Diet: Nutrition for the Non Cook

Before I started writing today I cooked up two packages of bacon. Turkey bacon. Next I’ll boil half a dozen eggs. Then I’ll wash and pack a lovely assortment of fresh seasonal berries. I’ll check the freezer for a week’s worth of Van’s multi-grain waffles and my 60, 70, or 80 calorie frozen deserts and […]

The Toxic Mom Diet: The Roots of my Poor Eating Habits

One of the most challenging tasks for my nutritionist was figuring out what I actually liked to eat. What I would eat. The look on her face said it all. “What kind of fish do you like?” she asked sweetly. “I won’t really eat fish,” I answered truthfully. “But I love shrimp and crab!” “How […]

The Road to Hell is Paved with Crackers

For most of my life, what got me fat, then kept me fat, was salty savory crackers and caffeinated drinks. Say, you’re hungry. Maybe it’s breakfast time. But you’re in a hurry. What would be easier — getting out the skillet and whipping up some eggs and washing it down with orange juice, or grabbing […]

The Genius Diet: Why Chocolate Doesn’t Fill You Up

As I embarked on a ten-week schedule of Monday meetings with a nutritionist, I began a food journal. The first day included a breakfast of a Bovine Bakery bear claw (just one, when I had been known to eat two) with iced tea, a handful of chocolate chip cookies for “lunch” and a restaurant dinner […]

The Genius Diet: 10 Weeks to Tame My Inner Eating Idiot

Everybody knows how to lose weight. You eat less. You move more. The bathroom scale digits tell you — you’ve won. At least for a while. Because I’m SUCH a genius and know the foolproof formula for losing weight, I’ve managed to gain at least five pounds a year for the past ten years, punctuated […]