Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Speaker?

Is Professional Speaking the Path for You? The truth is that pretty much anyone can be a professional speaker. There is no degree required, no barrier to entry. Hang your shingle and you’re a speaker simply because you say so. But that doesn’t mean people will start paying you to speak.  Many speakers spend years […]

Why Speakers Should Blog

Professional Speakers: You Should Start A Blog As professional speakers, we hear a lot of advice on how to get paid to speak. One piece of advice we’ve been hearing for a while now, is that we should start a blog. Some of us do, some of us are meaning to.  The problem is that […]

Interview With Kelly Swanson Motivational Speaker

NextFem Podcast Features Kelly Swanson Motivational Speaker I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the NextFem podcast with Tara Padua. The topic was harnessing the power of story. It includes a little of the personal side to what I do and how I got here. It feels like the perfect thing to share with […]

Ten Things I Wish I Knew Back Then

Ten Things I Wish I Knew Back Then While I am in a constant state of running towards the next opportunity in my life, today I stop and find myself in a moment of reflection. I am standing in a moment of awe at how far I have come – in disbelief that I would […]

Don’t Overthink Your Tagline

Taglines Don’t Mean As Much As You Think They Do (Note: A tagline is simply that short phrase you use to define yourself and your brand.  It is usually one sentence or even a few words that sum up you or your message. For example, “The Communications Doctor” or “Self Help Expert” or “The Queen […]

How I Got Gigs As A Motivational Speaker

How Did I Find The Bookings as a Motivational Speaker? It’s the question that I get asked more than anything – “How do I find people to pay me to speak?”   Unfortunately, many are asking this question before they really have something worth selling. But that’s another article. I debated over what to call […]

How To Become a Motivational Speaker

How to Become a Motivational Speaker I think I can do that! It looks so easy. How hard could it be? Where do I find people to book me? How much do I charge? Do I need a website? How do I write a speech? The Mysterious Road to Being a Motivational Speaker. When you […]