When Your Content Doesn’t Fit The Corporate Box

Speakers Living Outside The Corporate Box I have a LOT to say for those speakers whose messages don’t fit the mold.  But today I have one story that sums it all up. It happened yesterday in church. We had a guest speaker in church yesterday who, hands down, delivered what was one of the best speeches […]

When You’re Not Sure What You Speak About

When you are asked what you speak about, do you pause? Yep. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.  Sometimes, to this day, I still find myself pausing when someone asks me what I speak about.  It’s an issue that is prevalent among many speakers. While it makes us feel stupid as speakers when we […]

Audio Interview Tips

Audio Interview Tips Interviews are a normal part of the speaking business when you’re a motivational speaker.  While we spend our careers speaking on a stage, being interviewed over the phone requires an entirely different set of skills.  It is much harder to connect and engage when you no longer have the ability to use […]

Speech Blocking

    Help! How do I take all these pieces of my speech and put it together? There are so many things we want to include in a speech, that putting it together can be something of a nightmare.  Especially if you read the article I wrote comparing your speech to a clothesline analogy and […]

Easy Solution To Quoting Fees As A Motivational Speaker

Quoting Fees Doesn’t Have To Be Painful When You’re A Motivational Speaker Knowing what to quote as a motivational speaker is often difficult.  Makes sense. This isn’t a career where the path is mapped out for us. Each speaker has a different business model that most of us just stumbled on, unique to each speaker. […]

Never Assume You Know Your Client’s Budget

No way this client is going to be able to pay my fee. They are a non-profit. That means they don’t have much money. They had her last year? Then they have LOTS of money. There are only twenty people in the audience. No way they can afford me. Why You Shouldn’t Assume ANYTHING When […]

How To Transition from TV to Professional Speaking

Making The Transition From Television to Professional Speaking Let me begin by saying I know NOTHING about being a television anchor. But I do see a lot of speakers who have entered this business from the world of TV, and I’m seeing a pattern in their mistakes. Here is a tip to help you make the transition […]