Six Truths To Help You Say No

Stressed? Overworked? Burned Out? Tired of Saying Yes to EVERYBODY? Being Pulled in Too Many Directions? Yeah. Me too. Most of us (especially women) feel this way most of the time.  “Busy” is one of the most dangerous four-letter words of our day. We carry that word like a badge of honor, as if the […]

Motivational Speaker Off Script

What Is Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Like Off Stage? Good question, and one I’d bet many people would wonder. Today you get to find out. Today I’m sharing an interview I did with Dr. Michelle Robin, owner of Small Changes, Big Shifts. She was in one of my audiences, resonated with my message, and reached […]

Friday Motivational Moment

Today, this is all I want to say…

How Big Is Your Dream? A motivational message.

A Story with a Motivational message from Kelly Swanson Today’s blog post is done by video. Perhaps this is just the message you needed to hear today.  Feel free to share it with those who may need to hear it too.  

Dreams Don’t Always Obey Your Plans

When dreams take a left turn People ask me all the time how they can become a motivational speaker – how I got to where I am today. And I scratch my head and wonder how to answer that question.  I didn’t really have a plan, and what little plan I had, didn’t go the way […]

Dream Fitness Motivation to Get Back on Track

I was thinking back on a few Fitness motivation conversations from the past. The idea that motivation comes out of thin air is truly crap. There are some of you, dear dreamers, that have been athletes, dancers, or gym rats in the past. One day you just stopped. Stopped going to the gym, took that dance […]

Inspired by the Words of Women

I like words. As a writer, I spend my days with words. It never ceases to amaze me that by taking a few words, putting them in a particular order, you can inspire someone to action, or move them to tears. Our words are our most precious commodity. I’m often inspired by what women have […]