What Nobody Bothers Saying to Dreamers

Happy Thankful Thursday, Dreamers! The one part about being a dreamer that nobody bothers saying is what the dream process is actually like. You begin with this calling you can’t ignore–an exciting vision–that hopefully you launch to begin your dreamer’s journey. But no one really knows exactly how long the journey will take or how […]

Interviewing A Real Life Dreamer: Serenity Stewart

  Part of my dream journey is to meet amazing women who inspire me along the way to becoming an International Speaker. I was first introduced to Serenity by her PR agent earlier in this year. Her story captured my heart as her courage made me fall inlove with her willingness to not give up […]

Dreamer Goes to Prison to Achieve Her Dream of Motivating Women

Dreams are the seedlings of reality – Napoleon Hill When your dream starts to manifest, you never know where you will end up. I actually went to prison. A positive experience. Yes, I went to a maximum security prison in Cape Town, South Africa. I was invited to speak to the female wardens in the […]

In Honor of Valentine’s Day Fall in Love With Your Dream

Event Images courtesy of Geek Girl Dinner Cape Town My journey as a dreamer with 8 Women Dream is almost at its 1st year mark! Last year, I was dreaming of being a motivational speaker, so I worked hard on my dream and to position myself as someone who is very pro-women empowerment.  I shared […]

Take Each Dream Lesson As A Path To Achieving Your Dream

Life is never perfect. Just when you think that your world is on Cloud 9, the worst thing can happen to rock your foundation. As a dreamer who is focused on Inspiring women around the world, my greatest dream lesson is to learn from whatever life sends my way — no matter how extreme. Remember: […]

Dreamer or Delusionist: Make Sure You Go For Your Dreams

My dream of speaking to women from all walks of life on international stages fills my heart to the brim on a daily basis. I can’t go to sleep at night without visioning my dream into existence. A day has not passed in the last year where I haven’t dreamed big. When you are serious about your dream, […]

Dream Motivation: Destroy The Things Which Destroy Your Dreams

Your dream motivation this week comes from personal dreaming experiences. As a motivational speaker and writer, I am always bombarded with messages from people asking “How do they get back to their happy selves again?”. If you ever feel miserable because you have to do something that makes you feel uneasy or sad, or even just […]