Dreams on Hold: My Part-Time Job Ate My Training Schedule

Heather Get Fit - Tour de Fuzz

Dreams on hold look different for my fitness dream this time. “Fake it ’till you make it” is one of my favorite saying. There comes a point when you realize that even the faking it isn’t happening. The latest in my dream hurdles is time. I joke that I accidentally gave myself a part time […]

Best Food Label Resources for Healthy Eating

No body is worth more than your body - image quote - Get Fit Heather Montgomery

I have conversations daily in person, on Facebook, and even via text about food. My fitness dream has a tendency to bring up the ever present question: What do I need to eat to get healthy? Real food comes in lots of shapes and sizes. Box shaped is not one of them. We have an […]

Find Your Fitness Inspiration

Image Quote: Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do - Heather Montgomery

  Where do you find your fitness inspiration? What keeps you lacing up you putting on your workout clothes? My own fitness dream inspiration has shifted over the years. Family can be your fitness inspiration. One of my own favorite inspirations is to realize how your own fitness can improve your family relationships. This can […]

Fitness Trainer Motivates Others With Their Fitness Dreams


There is a point in every fitness dreamer’s path when they realize that they are helping others. As your fitness trainer, this has been a slow realization that it’s already happening. My racing experience has always been a singular experience. Not from a selfish perspective, but from an inability to torture my friends into participating. […]

How Much Water Should You Drink for Your Fitness Goals?

Heather Montgomery - Get Fit Dreamer: How much to drink? Do you know where your water bottle is?

This fitness dreamer makes the hydration mistake almost every weekend. You keep track of how much water you drink with your weekday schedule, and on the weekend your plan goes downhill. How much water did you drink today? This is the #1 question I ask women after a hard workout what their energy is like. […]

Workout Tips: Top 8 Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Workout Tips - Top 8 Fitness Mistakes Women Make

I have a simple goal as your fitness dreamer. Share my fitness journey, workout tips and inspire you to get fit. The more I talk to women who are using workout tips to add fitness to their daily routine, the more I realize we are all making mistakes. Some of these mistakes are little and easy […]

Top 20 Ways to Stretch after Workouts [VIDEO]

Top 20 Ways to Stretch after Workouts - Heather Montgomery

You put a lot of effort into every workout. Taking care of yourself after a workout, self care, makes your next workout even better. Finding ways to stretch after workouts is a gentle way to give your body the recovery it needs. This series of stretches cover muscles from head to toe, and can be used […]