Giving Dream Focus to Your Fitness Goals

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It takes years to work on fitness dreams, from gaining health to losing weight. These things take time. So does coming to realize what my own dream needs: focus. That might sound stupid. After all I have been sharing with you dear dreamers all about how I lost 75+ pounds 3 years back. It feels […]

Can Fitness Metrics Be Bitchy?


With everything we have around us reminding us to workout, why would anything want to be bitchy? With your week done, and your rest day officially here, glancing at the metrics all your hard workouts produced can be your virtual pat on the back. Proof all that sweating was worth it to rack up the […]

Top 5 Reasons to Skip a Workout When You Are Sick

Heather Montgomery - Skip a workout when you are sick

You are breathing hard, sweat popping on your forehead, and the exhaustion is overwhelming. It’s not the workout causing all that exertion. It’s the lovely spring head cold making you feel like you are underwater, and your oxygen intake is down to nothing from the stuffed nose and rattling cough. The viruses are going around. […]

Letting Go to Work On Your Fitness Dreams

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There are times on your dream journey when you have to stop of the path and look at everything you’ve been doing to get to this point. I have been focusing on so many other things that my own fitness dreams have started to slip completely off the radar. My goal is to be an inspirational […]

Fifty Shades of Fitness While Keeping Your Clothes On

Fifty shades of fitness workout with Heather Mongomery

For those who have avoided this trend that has spiced up girl’s-night-out conversations for a couple years, the Fifty Shades of Grey book series talks about sex. What does a book series focusing on a specific sex life have to do with your next workout? I guess it depends what you plan to do in the […]

Stretching Past Your Comfort Zone: Do the Splits

fitness challenge do the splits

Are you stretching past your comfort zone with your fitness dreams? I’m talking about that moment when you are about to go past your bubble of safety. It feels a little scary and alarms start to go off in your brain telling you to “Stop! Go back!”. For some newly minted fitness addicts this could […]

Fitness Challenge: Check Your Functional Range of Motion


Bones creaking, muscles aching, and that’s just getting out of bed in the morning. Your fitness dreamer is no exception. Even I need to be able to get those muscles moving comfortably every day. So here’s the question: Do we really need to stretch? Stretching is the thing we will do next time, and we’ve […]