Fitness Inspiration: Ignore Distractions Until After Your Workout

Fitness Inspiration Quotes: Kill your distractions achieve your fitness goals

Fitness inspiration is something I am always looking for. If you look at the #FitnessInspiration or #fitspo tag into consideration on Instagram and Pinterest I am not alone. Follow Heather’s board Fitness Inspiration on Pinterest. Why do we need fitness inspiration in our lives? Things in life are easy when all the stars line up. […]

Avoid Fear To Reach Your Dream Fitness Goals

Image Quote: Limits like fears are often just an illusion - Michael Jordan

Getting fit means something different for everyone, but you can take a big leap toward your dream fitness goals if you overcome fear that gets in the way. Fear stops us from trying new things, taking a step into the unknown. Gaining strength with these basic exercises builds your confidence to overcome the fear. Dream […]

Treadmill Workouts To Spice Up Your Dream Fitness This Fall

Image quote: Running is an series of argumentsImage quote: Running is an series of arguments

Any runner will tell you that any time spent on the treadmill is pure hell. The days are getting darker heading into fall and we are losing the precious daylight we need to work out. If you have been relying on walking, jogging or running in the great outdoors for your fitness, using a treadmill […]

Dream Fitness With Low Impact High Intensity Exercise

Image quote - Keep Calm and Swim On

When you think of exercising, the concept of impact and intensity seem like they would be closely related. That isn’t always the case. Impact can be described as the force of your body that is used in an exercise. Think of the difference between jumping on a trampoline, compared to jumping down a few steps onto a concrete sidewalk. […]

Learn a New Skill For Your Fitness Dream

image quote: We learn by pushing ourselves

  Confidence in your dream makes a huge difference. If you have always wanted to learn something that would help you in your dream, but have been putting it off, this article will get you motivated. The latest adventure in my health and fitness dream had me getting comfortable with something that seemed very confusing: […]

Dream Fitness Advice: Stop Checking Your BMI

Image Quote - Dont look back. You arent going that way.

Most of us want to look at a number while we work on our dream fitness and watch it shrink. For most, it’s the number on the scale. Anyone who has done a Google search for weight loss lately has probably run across this evil tool of measurement. BMI would be wonderful fitness advice tool […]

Dream Weight Loss Interview with Karen Donaldson of Naturally Thin You

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Connecting with other dreamers has a way of kicking your inspiration into gear. Catherine offered this connection to interview fellow health dreamer Karen Donaldson as she is kicking of a big dream of her own. Helping women with their emotional eating issues and weight loss. I asked Karen to tell me about herself, her new […]