Fed Up Movie Review: Slick with No Solution


Fitness dreams and food choices go hand in hand. There is not one conversation about fitness that I’ve had with friends, family or clients that hadn’t eventually turned to “What do you eat?”. That’s why I have to share my take on the movie Fed Up. I’ve been waiting for the Fed Up movie to […]

Top 10 Motivational Fitness Photo Quotes


Fitness dreams need a lot of motivation. If you need a few quotes, fitness pictures, kick in the butt to get you there, I am happy to help. There always comes that day where the usual mantra you have stuck in your head fails to inspire you to get to that workout. That is why […]

Clearing Space for My Fitness YouTube Video Dream

- Get Healthy with Heather Montgomery - You're dreams aren't big enough

Committing to your dream of having space for a YouTube video studio can make other dreams come true that you didn’t think were related to it. Working on a big dream project will always be a domino effect. In my case the domino effect was creating a block to getting to my next fitness dream […]

Fitness Dreams with Feel Good Foods

Image quote for feel good foods by Heather Montgomery

Enjoying feel good with our fitness goals and enjoy feel good foods can be tough at times. Our food favorites are passed over with a guilt glance. There may be sacrifices with a major fitness goal, be we might forget something. We can keep our fitness goals without avoiding feel good foods. I won’t tell […]

Giving Dream Focus to Your Fitness Goals

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It takes years to work on fitness dreams, from gaining health to losing weight. These things take time. So does coming to realize what my own dream needs: focus. That might sound stupid. After all I have been sharing with you dear dreamers all about how I lost 75+ pounds 3 years back. It feels […]

Can Fitness Metrics Be Bitchy?


With everything we have around us reminding us to workout, why would anything want to be bitchy? With your week done, and your rest day officially here, glancing at the metrics all your hard workouts produced can be your virtual pat on the back. Proof all that sweating was worth it to rack up the […]

Top 5 Reasons to Skip a Workout When You Are Sick

Heather Montgomery - Skip a workout when you are sick

You are breathing hard, sweat popping on your forehead, and the exhaustion is overwhelming. It’s not the workout causing all that exertion. It’s the lovely spring head cold making you feel like you are underwater, and your oxygen intake is down to nothing from the stuffed nose and rattling cough. The viruses are going around. […]