7 Healthy Alternatives to Pasta That Don’t Suck

7 Healthy Alternatives to Pasta That Don’t Suck spaghetti-image

The fall air is crisp these day in Northern California. Despite our recent October heat wave, and drought causing lack of rain. The fog and early sunsets make even your fitness dreamer, me, crave a big plate of pasta. You’ve heard it from every corner of your fitness dream path: Avoid all white food. Especially […]

Top 8 Fitness Inspiration Videos from TED Talks

Top 8 Fitness Inspiration Videos from TED Talks

As a fitness dreamer the inspiration for my health is regularly fed by the fitness inspiration videos on TED Talks. TED – Technology Entertainment Design – is a non-profit that dedicates their energy to sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Our fearless 8 Women Dream leader Catherine [link] tapped me into this amazing resource over 10 years ago […]

Top 18 Healthy Snack Ideas for Fitness

healthy snack ideas - Keep good food in the house and you will eat good food

Fitness dreamers think about healthy snack food. A lot. Unfortunately, every time we talk about getting fit pops in our heads it’s usually quickly followed by the idea of a “diet”. I really hate the word “diet”. It’s been overused for describing a way to eat that is associated with hunger, avoiding foods we love, and […]

Dream Big at Any Age: Fitness Inspiration from Dara Torres


Dream big and you need a lot of inspiration. Some of my fellow dreamers out there will understand when I say that I don’t jump out of bed inspired each and every day. Watching amazing dreamers dream big and achieve their fitness goals gets my engine going. If they happen to be in my age group, […]

Top 10 Reasons to Squat

top 10 reasons to squat by heather montgomery

Why would you want to squat? Strength, mobility and balance are all key to having a healthy body to use in your healthy lifestyle. As your fitness dreamer, it took a little while for me to become a believer in squats. One of the top reasons to squat is for long term mobility. I had […]

Dreams on Hold: My Part-Time Job Ate My Training Schedule

Heather Get Fit - Tour de Fuzz

Dreams on hold look different for my fitness dream this time. “Fake it ’till you make it” is one of my favorite saying. There comes a point when you realize that even the faking it isn’t happening. The latest in my dream hurdles is time. I joke that I accidentally gave myself a part time […]

Best Food Label Resources for Healthy Eating

No body is worth more than your body - image quote - Get Fit Heather Montgomery

I have conversations daily in person, on Facebook, and even via text about food. My fitness dream has a tendency to bring up the ever present question: What do I need to eat to get healthy? Real food comes in lots of shapes and sizes. Box shaped is not one of them. We have an […]