Women’s History Month: Fitness Inspiration for Your Success


Hello fellow fitness dreamers! I’ve got a message for you to consider during Women’s History Month. You have everything you need to succeed for your very own fitness dream. Success is measured differently for everyone, but the basics are always this: The ability to accomplish the goals we set. You can find a thousand articles […]

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others for Weight Loss Success

Don't compare your weight loss comparison - Heather Montgomery

  This is a big challenge for most women to come to terms with during any weight loss journey. Some call it inspiration to put photos up of the type of body you want to aspire to. Some call it torture to have images of a body type that is taking a while to achieve […]

Workout Tips: Fitness Mistakes Women Make

stretch your boundaries - get healthy with Heather Montgomery

Workout mistakes happen to us all. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been involved with your fitness dream, mistakes happen. Some of these mistakes I covered in my post Workout Tips: Top 8 Fitness Mistakes Women Make. Every fitness client I talk to are interested in making whatever they are doing to stay on track […]

Meal Planning Is Your Secret to Dream Fitness

Meal Planning is the Secret to Dream Fitness - Heather Montgomery

You know that your fitness dream takes some planning. This fitness dreamer can tell you that the number one solution to staying on track is know what, when and how you will work out, eat and recover. The secret to dream fitness lies with meal planning. The only times I have issues with staying on track […]

Perimenopause Fitness: A New Fitness Challenge


Your fitness dreamer is about to share some very intimate details with you about finding fitness in your 40’s. If you are older you can commiserate, as many of my friends have. If you are younger I am passing on information I wish I had paid more attention to when I was in my 30’s. It’s […]

This Girl Can: Fitness Challenge to Keep Moving

This Girl Can - fitness motivation from Sport England

Your fitness dreamer had an inspiration epiphany this week. There are so many inspiration videos for fitness out there. Very few make me smile, laugh and want to get up and dance. This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations. It’s a celebration of active […]

Fitness Challenge: Get Some Fresh Air

Get some fresh air for your dream fitness challenge - Heather Montgomery

January is the kick off for several fitness goals. Lose weight, start that workout plan, eat better. Your fitness dreamer has an easy assignment for you this week. Get some fresh air! I know my own fitness goals get caught in the process of getting it done. Plan for a run one day, swimming the […]