Holiday Gift Guide: Top 8 Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Fitness Gift for the Holidays

Your friends and loved ones may be grabbing their sneakers early in the morning and running off the to the gym. You know they are dedicated to their fitness goals, but what holiday gift would they need? Here are a few of my favorite classics and a few new items that me and most of […]

Top 100 Reasons To Workout Today

The only workout you ever regret is the on you skip

Every day we must find the necessary motivation to work on our fitness dream goal. It doesn’t matter if you are a dedicated fitness dreamer, or just starting on the path to find your own health and fitness, you must still find your reasons for pushing yourself. There will be “those” days when you need […]

8 Worst Fitness Products Marketed To Women

Get Healthy with Heather Montgomery - 8 Worst Fitness Products

This fitness dreamer spends a good amount of time researching the latest in the fitness products. Not all are worth our time and money to use, or if used will do absolutely nothing for your fitness. Keeping fitness simple is key to making lasting changes in your life. Take a look at these fitness products […]

4 Ways to Give Thanks for Your Fitness

Get Healthy with Heather Montgomery - Do not reward yourself with food - you are not a dog

Fitness dreams take a lot of hard work. A good amount of that is physical, requiring actual sweat and occasional tears. After all that hard work, we deserve a reward, right? Here in the States we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This week is the perfect time to remind ourselves of this important fact. […]

Let Your Fitness Dreams Inspire Others

Let Your Fitness Dreams Inspire Others

There is something I see in common with all dreamers. Going after your fitness dreams doesn’t exempt anyone from this phenomenon. You are inspiration for others in their dream goals. You don’t necessarily mean to be. You may not wake up in the morning smiling and telling the world “Who am I going to inspire today?”. […]

44 Fitness Hashtags to Achieve Your Goals

Fitness Hashtags to Achieve Your Goals

Fitness dreams can get sticky if you are online 24/7. The amount of information available from fitness experts can be overwhelming. Being online 24/7 can be a benefit or curse to your fitness goals. There are a ton of fitness experts and trainers on social media so digging through the details can be a full […]

Don’t Miss This Secret to Weight Loss

The secret to weight loss

Hey dreamers! Your fitness dreamer here with the real secret to losing fat and building muscle. Protein. That’s great, right? But now the questions start. How much protein is enough? What type of protein should I eat? The opinions this secret to weight loss vary wildly depending on who you talk to. The bodybuilding camp […]