Holiday Workout: Recover From 4th of July BBQ Overload

4th of July Workout to Recover from Independence Day BBQ Overlaod

Summer heat and BBQ fare are a perfect way to spend Independence Day in the United States. The sweet corn, piled high salads of potato and pasta and perfectly seared goodies make for a fun and explosive celebration. Any holiday is an easy way to kill the fitness progress you’ve been making. Turn that around […]

Do you need to cool down after a workout?


Sweat is dripping down your face, you can barely catch your breath, and you just wrapped up a really intense workout. Ready for that cool down? Most of the time I just don’t feel like it. What the heck is a cool down? We’ve heard it for years. From gym class to fitness gurus: You are […]

Fitness Challenge: Yard Work Workout

Fitness Challenge: Yard Work Workout

There is a finite amount of time on the weekend. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to clean up the yard and go for a 3 hour bike ride. Believe me, if you need a workout the yard work counts. Anyone who has pulled weeds, raked leaves or moved anything heavy in a wheelbarrow can […]

5 Ways to Curb Chocolate Cravings

Curb chocolate craving by Heather Montgomery

There are certain points during your weight loss when cravings become an issue. Who are we kidding? Cravings kick in day one and might not ever stop. How do we deal with that obstacle? That’s where we have to learn new tricks. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. […]

Weight Loss Struggles: Buying Bigger Jeans Sucks

Weight loss struggles with Heather Montgomery

Weight loss goals never end. There is no magic switch that says “I am now this size” and all is right in the world happily ever after. The scale can be an evil necessity to check your progress. It’s definitely been a love/hate relationship for me over the last 3 years. Last year I recommended […]

Fed Up Movie Review: Slick with No Solution


Fitness dreams and food choices go hand in hand. There is not one conversation about fitness that I’ve had with friends, family or clients that hadn’t eventually turned to “What do you eat?”. That’s why I have to share my take on the movie Fed Up. I’ve been waiting for the Fed Up movie to […]

Top 10 Motivational Fitness Photo Quotes


Fitness dreams need a lot of motivation. If you need a few quotes, fitness pictures, kick in the butt to get you there, I am happy to help. There always comes that day where the usual mantra you have stuck in your head fails to inspire you to get to that workout. That is why […]