Career Planning and the Slow Writer

Career Planning and the Slow Writer My first book, Breaking the Code, took almost ten years to write. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it. But let’s break it down to find out the truth. First a little background: The subject of my memoir is my father, a WWII veteran. When I was growing up, he told only […]

Fitness Goal Setting: Triathlon Coach Rick Niles

You hear this from everyone from fitness experts to my fellow dreamers here on 8 Women Dream. Goal setting is vital to success.  With big goals, planning them out is really the only way to get there. I had the opportunity to interview Rick Niles, triathlon coach and athlete with decades of experience in sport […]

Monk Mode: The Key to Finishing Your Dream Project

  Without great solitude, no serious work is possible. -Pablo Picasso There’s a time to write on schedule, and there’s a time to buckle down and focus all of your energy on your project. That’s where I am with my current WIP (work-in-progress). It’s astonishing to realize that by writing just a thousand words a […]

Home Alone: Becoming Independent After Divorce

    I’ve been divorced for nearly a year. I bought and moved into my house about the same time. When I look back just five or so years, it’s astonishing how life has changed. And it’s not all related to the divorce. Five years ago, my two sons were still living at home; ages […]

Finding Happiness in Moving Beyond Limits

As we move into the second month of 2015, I’ve been revisiting my goals for the year, and setting some now ones. I want 2015 to be a year of growth, expansion, adventures and fun, and I want to challenge myself. Often I have found the most satisfaction in my life in moving past my […]

Starting Over At Midlife: A Fresh Look at Resolutions

According to a Forbes Magazine article,  just 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. And of that 40%, only 8% actually achieve their goals. That’s a dismal and discouraging statistic. So, why bother? And on more of a personal level, why do I keep torturing myself by making the same resolutions over and over again […]

The Secret To Getting Things Done In a Business of 1

Too much to do, too little time! One of the keys to getting the life, the business, and the dream you want, is to set goals and action steps to get there. But where I sometimes fall down as a professional motivational speaker is in the follow through. Actually DOING the tasks that I have deemed […]