Are You Connecting To Your Audience As A Motivational Speaker?

Does The Language You Speak Match The Language They Speak? As motivational speakers we are experts on giving advice and sharing our story. But often the story we tell is not the story they need to hear.  Just because we share our story, and relay our messages with feeling, doesn’t mean they are connecting to […]

I Have A New Dream

Today is the day I embark on a new dream…as a funny motivational speaker I haven’t ditched the old dream of spreading humor and hope as a funny motivational speaker. I’ve just added a new piece. A scary piece. And as with any new dream, it brings along a healthy dose of fears. Things like…. […]

How Big Is Your Dream? A motivational message.

A Story with a Motivational message from Kelly Swanson Today’s blog post is done by video. Perhaps this is just the message you needed to hear today.  Feel free to share it with those who may need to hear it too.  

How To Fight Stage Fright

The Fears That Come With Being A Motivational Speaker When I was pregnant and taking child birth classes, the instructor told us that when the pain hits, not to fight it, but to ride the wave instead.  I thought she was crazy. I was choosing drugs, baby, all the way. (Old habits die hard.)  In the long […]

Another Easy Formula For Creating Lots of Jokes

Writing Jokes To Use As A Funny Keynote Speaker Last week for all of you dreamers who want to be famous public speakers, I wrote, One Easy Formula for Hundreds of Jokes, where I shared with you an easy formula for writing jokes: the rule of threes. This week I’m sharing another one. I call it […]

Easy Solution To Quoting Fees As A Motivational Speaker

Quoting Fees Doesn’t Have To Be Painful When You’re A Motivational Speaker Knowing what to quote as a motivational speaker is often difficult.  Makes sense. This isn’t a career where the path is mapped out for us. Each speaker has a different business model that most of us just stumbled on, unique to each speaker. […]

The Motivational Speaker’s Hangover

The Day AFTER The Gig It’s the part nobody ever tells you about when you enter the speaking business – the hangover.  No, I’m not talking about the kind you get from drinking too much, although sometimes that’s part of it – especially if your speaking gig ends in a free upgrade on the airline […]