The Financial Realities of Divorce After Midlife

I’m a writer. I’m a thinker, a creative. I have a friend who is a CPA. She’s logical. Numbers are her thing. We make a good pair, Renee and I. There’s never anything to argue about. I know that if numbers are involved, she’s right. And vise-versa. But reality is that I can’t live with […]

A Fast Track to Dreams: Things Going Wrong

Today, O Psychic One woke up with a bad case of conjunctivitis. It made me realize that things going wrong put one on the fast track to dreams – way more than things going right. […]

Bag the Supermarket Dream: Make Your Own Hard Cider

I’d like to introduce you to my baby. Isn’t she a beaut? She’s 13 gallons of apple juice, percolating away to hard cider in a demi-john. I pressed the juice from about 300 pounds of apples that Virgo Man and I harvested from our two backyard trees. It’s all part of my dream to bag […]

Bag the Supermarket Dream: Shopper, Know Thyself

The first step on the road to achieving any dream is to know what you’re dealing with. Many a dream has been delayed or waylaid by ignorance. What kind of ignorance? Why, not knowing who you are as a person, and where your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what your habits and preferences are. In the context of bagging the supermarket, this comes under the rubric of Shopper, Know Thyself. […]

Money Dreams: Do Not Hoard It – Recycle It

There’s something about autumn that gets me in the mood to take stock, so today I’m taking stock of my money dreams. I’ve been writing about money (and other stuff) here on 8 Women Dream for almost two years now – 21 months, to be exact. Looking back over that time, I realize that my […]

How Food is My Dream Revolution

When I was younger, I had a dream of attending the Cordon Bleu in Paris and becoming a great chef. My passion was fueled by the great Julia Child, by Jacques Pepin, even by the Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr (you really must go watch this). Then I found out how hard it is to be […]

President Dreams: I Say Vote for Me

I’m just kidding with that title — especially since those of you over fifty are singing the next line: …”and I’ll set you free.” NOT! It’s never been my dream to run for office. I’ve been up close and personal with politics, and you would never – I mean NEVER – catch me throwing my […]