Dealing with the Unexpected – the Chapter Synopsis’ and the Flaming Mouse

Expect the Unexpected Crazy things happen. Difficulties multiply. Life has a way of pouring everything on at once. When I imagined having the life of a writer, I pictured a pretty little antique desk in front of a window that overlooked the lovely change of seasons. I saw a cup of tea on the desk, […]

Finding Happiness in Being Thankful

No matter what is happening in our lives right now, as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, there is always something for which we can be thankful. This is a great time of year to focus actively on the practice of gratitude. Research has demonstrated that people who practice gratitude regularly have a host of benefits. Physical benefits […]

Dealing with the Unexpected – The Curious Incident of the Floating Mouse

I miss my ex-husband. I’m sure that expressing that breaks every Independent-Woman-After-Divorce-Law there is. But before you send me hate mail or advise me to get back together with him, let me explain. The division of labor during our 31-year marriage was fairly typical. He mowed the lawn once a week during the summer and […]

Career Planning and the Slow Writer

Career Planning and the Slow Writer My first book, Breaking the Code, took almost ten years to write. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it. But let’s break it down to find out the truth. First a little background: The subject of my memoir is my father, a WWII veteran. When I was growing up, he told only […]

Finding Happiness Through Loving the Now

I am sharing something this week that I am guilty of at times, as well as a powerful practice to shift it. Have you ever denied yourself happiness now by either looking backwards or forwards, romanticizing times past or dreaming up happier times in the future? Let’s be honest: If you’re human, you have probably done this at times! […]

Kill the Perfectionist: An Open Letter to my Writer Friends

It started with an email. My friend, a writer, wrote to ask me if I wanted to join her in going to a writer’s conference. My answer surprised even me. That was the foundation for this blog post. If you’re a writer who is struggling to finish that book you know you were meant to […]

Finding Happiness Through the Power of the Sisterhood

I am blessed not only with two incredible biological sisters, but with a whole tribe of soul sisters. My soul sisters empower me, lift me up, remind me who I am and why I do what I do, and just generally make my life so much better. Especially as I work on building my own […]