Avoid Fear To Reach Your Dream Fitness Goals

Getting fit means something different for everyone, but you can take a big leap toward your dream fitness goals if you overcome fear that gets in the way. Fear stops us from trying new things, taking a step into the unknown. Gaining strength with these basic exercises builds your confidence to overcome the fear. Dream […]

Learn a New Skill For Your Fitness Dream

  Confidence in your dream makes a huge difference. If you have always wanted to learn something that would help you in your dream, but have been putting it off, this article will get you motivated. The latest adventure in my health and fitness dream had me getting comfortable with something that seemed very confusing: […]

Dream Weight Loss Interview with Karen Donaldson of Naturally Thin You

Connecting with other dreamers has a way of kicking your inspiration into gear. Catherine offered this connection to interview fellow health dreamer Karen Donaldson as she is kicking of a big dream of her own. Helping women with their emotional eating issues and weight loss. I asked Karen to tell me about herself, her new […]

How To Get 6 Pack Abs and Other Dream Fitness Myths

The dream fitness myth I would love to kill off once and for all is the myth that you can spot reduce any part of your body. The idea that regardless of our body shape, size, fat percentage or fitness level, that you can magically shrink that one body part that annoys you and turn […]

Moving from Fear to Fire is to Be a Happy Celebrity Chef

I used to wonder what life was like for celebrity chefs. We had quite a few of them back in New Orleans, Louisiana. But seven years ago, after surviving Hurricane Katrina and moving to Northern California with my two cats, Yin and Yang.  I left everyone and everything that I knew back in New Orleans […]

Fitness Challenge: Ride 35 Miles for a Great Cause

After 3 years of watching cyclists of all levels take off at our local Le Tour de Fuzz bike ride, I had to join in on the fun. Every year in September, the very organized and well received ride takes place in our Sonoma wine country. I have attended the race as an assistant photographer/tag […]

Are You Slacking Off On Your Fitness Dream?

    For every huge step in dreaming there are a million tiny ones that add up to that next goal. Health and fitness dreams can add up real steps along the way too. You see results and are motivated, but are you slacking off along the way? A couple months ago, a started an […]