Strategic Storytelling Is Your Greatest Skill Set as an Entrepreneur

As a motivational speaker, the more I study storytelling, the more I see its application in every aspect of our business. As speakers, we are entrepreneurs running our own small businesses. We oversee everything from the speech, to the selling and marketing of that speech, to how money is spent and daily processes are run. […]

How To Tell A Good Story In Business

What Makes A Story Good? It’s official. Storytelling is the new buzz word, and has been for a while.  People across industries are realizing how important stories are when it comes to connecting and engaging with your buyer, your market, and your world.  But everyone seems to still be scratching their heads and wondering HOW.  […]

How Story Can Change a Corporate Culture

People Don’t Embrace What You Tell Them To Do – They Embrace The Story of Why It Matters As you can see by the picture, I’m sitting in church. Now you know where I sit. Balcony front row. Don’t take my seat. I like sitting up here where my off-key voice goes out into dead […]