Using Strategic Storytelling to Sell Your Product

Meet Violet, My Hair Extension Queen This is Violet up top. Isn’t she precious?  (I’m at that age where I feel led to tell people how precious they are.)  I wanted you to meet her. Why? Because  I love her.  No, we’ve never met. She lives in the UK. I live in the US. We […]

How To Tell A Good Story In Business

What Makes A Story Good? It’s official. Storytelling is the new buzz word, and has been for a while.  People across industries are realizing how important stories are when it comes to connecting and engaging with your buyer, your market, and your world.  But everyone seems to still be scratching their heads and wondering HOW.  […]

Storytelling For Engagement

Storytelling In Business  Storytelling is a big word these days in business. It’s always been a big word for me, since I’ve spent my life studying the art and business of story and how to harness its power over our minds and over our ability to connect with people.  I’ve always believed that storytelling is […]

How To Transition from TV to Professional Speaking

Making The Transition From Television to Professional Speaking Let me begin by saying I know NOTHING about being a television anchor. But I do see a lot of speakers who have entered this business from the world of TV, and I’m seeing a pattern in their mistakes. Here is a tip to help you make the transition […]