Finding Happiness Through Embracing Our Shared Humanity

I don’t know about you, but there is no one who has ever been a harsher critic of me – than me! I have always had very high standards for who I want to be and what I want to achieve in this world, and I find myself falling short sometimes of my own nearly […]

Preparing for Winter: This Old House and Me

What a difference a year makes! I love the change of seasons. Here in Eastern Washington, we’re blessed with a beautiful autumn season that leads into relatively mild winters – cold but not too much snow. Seasons come and go and without a plan on how you’ll go about preparing for them, that’s all they’ll […]

Home Alone: Becoming Independent After Divorce

    I’ve been divorced for nearly a year. I bought and moved into my house about the same time. When I look back just five or so years, it’s astonishing how life has changed. And it’s not all related to the divorce. Five years ago, my two sons were still living at home; ages […]

Bedroom Design – on a Serious Budget

  A big part of my starting over at mid-life adventure has been remodeling my new (old) house. In fact, it’s become a metaphor for my life; doing one small thing at a time, one step at a time – until I’ve created something new, something beautiful. What’s challenging though, is doing it all on […]

Guard Your Dreams: a Lesson From the Garden

The unrelenting winter weather has dominated the news for weeks. What’s interesting, but barely mentioned by most forecasters is that here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve experienced quite the opposite. In my 50-years, I’ve never had crocus, those first signs of spring, completely bloom out and dry up by the end of February. Though I’m […]

Starting Over: A Message From my Younger Self

A Message From Myself At my high school reunion, a couple of former classmates reminded me of an embarrassing moment that happened to me during junior high school. After all the years that had passed, for me, it remained just a bad memory. But now I couldn’t stop thinking about the incident my classmates remembered […]

8 Lessons Learned From Completing Goals

As dreamers, we set a lot of goals, both big and small. Or at least we should. Are you setting clear concrete goals? Are you celebrating when you reach them? If your dream is too broad, you’ll never know when to celebrate victory. And it doesn’t always have to be one goal. Make many dream […]