Finding Happiness in Being with Children


This past week, I got to spend time with two of the brightest lights in my life: my niece, Luna, five years old and my nephew, Nico, three years old. Last week was all about finding happiness in being with children.

Finding Happiness in A Much-Needed Beach Vacation


It has been a wild and crazy summer so far, full of living big dreams, including purchasing my first historic downtown commercial property in Troy, New York. Yet right now I am finding happiness in a much-needed beach vacation, having retreated to the Jersey shore with family for two weeks.

The Boring Life of a Blog Publisher

The Boring Life Sparkling Red Shoes

Sometimes it can be difficult to find things to write about your dream, especially when your dream involves: uploading a new ICO image for web browsers, forwarding 8 Women Dream email to one account, searching Google News, fixing meta-data that has gone sideways, and a host of other menial tasks involved in the day-to-day running […]

Finding Happiness Through Saving Girls


Do not underestimate the importance of finding your life’s mission when seeking happiness! I am finding happiness now through discovering that my true life’s mission is saving girls from oppression and abuse, and helping to ensure that girls globally receive a good education.

Active Recovery: 6 Workout Ideas to Reduce Sore Muscles

Active Recovery Workout - My Foam Roller and I Have a love/Hate Relationship

Active recovery is the strangest concept that most people don’t understand about fitness. Active are the days you have a workout, and recovery means rest days with no workouts, right? Past fitness information has misinformed us with the idea that days we are active and days we are “resting” are mutually exclusive. The truth is […]

Do This Irish Workout First on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Workout - Training Kicks In When Luck Runs Out

Your fitness plan has plenty of enemies. Alarm clocks that forget to go off, protein shakes that sat in the car too long, and running shoes that have gone missing in your closet. Enemy #1 for your fitness plan? Holiday celebrations. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Now go get your Irish workout done. Irish immigrants around […]

Finding Happiness in A New Family


This past weekend, I spent the day with my new adopted family: my future husband, Rafa; my future son-in-law, Gianluca; my future mother-in-law, Rosario; and Rafa’s brothers, Danny and Alex, his Abuelita (Grandmom), as well as some other family and friends who are also from Ecuador. Finding happiness for me right now means marrying into an amazing Ecuadorian family!