Finding Happiness Through Being a Mermaid

MERMAID 2015 wide eyed starfish mermaid

It was something I have dreamt about for at least a decade, but possibly forever. I finally had the chance to be a Mermaid in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, and it was beyond amazing. It was epic. It was life-changing. I am forever a mermaid now, until the end of my days! The Coney Island Mermaid […]

Finding Happiness Through Being A Sexy Vegan

women are like bacon

A lot of my friends have what seems to me to be a rather unhealthy obsession with bacon. It’s hard for me to understand it, because I stopped eating meat ten years ago, and recently transitioned from being vegetarian (no meat) to vegan (essentially no meat, dairy or eggs, i.e. no animal-based products). But everybody […]

The Quiet Mission of a True Hero

the real hero

What a Hero is Not We live in a society where the loud and boisterous are rewarded and the quiet are marginalized. From the classroom where the extrovert child jumps at the chance to tell the teacher what he knows, to the boardroom, where the most vocal are given a stage to loudly thrust their […]

Mother’s Day: What She Really Wants… by Age

three generations

Happy Mother’s Day! For many of us, entering midlife means being pushed into a whole different lane of travel. It’s the surreal experience of having not just children, but grandchildren as well. When I became a grandma a year and a half ago, it was a beautiful, amazing, and life-changing experience. The time from then […]

Finding Happiness in Every Breath


I am so thankful right now, feeling gratitude and finding happiness in every single breath of clean air, just a week after my family finally escaped to safety after being deeply impacted by the volcanic eruption and ash cloud from Calbuco in Chile.

Finding Happiness Through Being a Fun Fearless Female


Just over five years ago, I spotted an ad on Craigslist – San Francisco for a “fun, fearless female writer” and I knew I was the woman they were looking for! I immediately applied on the spot to be a blogger for 8womendream – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Finding Happiness Through Designing My Life


Many years ago, I decided that I wanted a flexible lifestyle, in which I could choose my own work hours, pick projects that excite me, and allow plenty of time for self-care, adventures and fun. I embarked on the journey of being self-employed part-time back in January 2000, and went full-time right after 9/11 back in 2001.