How I Improved My Creative Workout Plan

For Your Adornment jewelry sample

My new mantra – take time to focus on my dream. So here it is for the world to see: Jewelry design. Tapping into creative mode is like walking through mud at the moment. A little forced, almost painful, but with the hope of something pretty when I’m done. It doesn’t always work that way […]

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Build a Little Dream You Can Be Proud Of

It’s Sunday.  God I love Sundays. Sundays are my day – my day to relax and do whatever I want.  The church I attend holds services from 8 in the morning through noon and then at 7 pm at night.  They are meditative services – quiet, peaceful – very different from the Catholic church I […]

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A Woman’s Secret To Dreaming

Heather Montgomery

Dreaming… hate to say it but who has time, right? Anyone who knows me knows I don’t sleep much, and regularly use the quote “I’ll sleep when I’m dead’. Here is where I probably shouldn’t admit that one of my favorite songs is Barenaked Ladies “Who needs sleep?” That’s where Cath comes in – the […]

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