How to Look Like Bettie Page – Behind the Scenes


This blog is for every fan of pinup art that has wished they could look like 1950’s icon Bettie Page. From the bangs to the banging body to the delicious confidence that oozed out of every pore, women want to embody her femininity. The anti-Marilyn, her purpose was not traditional fame but to emote what […]

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Living the Dream of A Gypsy Life!

Gypsy Life

I am living the dream of a gypsy life, and this has been part of my calling for a long time now.

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Fitness Challenge: Color Your Fitness With A 5K Fun Run


Fitness challenges can be really fun, and as your fitness blogger I feel it’s my job to prove it to you. Have you thought of trying a 5k? This article will cover some great options, and get you motivated to sign up for one, and make it fun. Why a 5k fun run? Whether you […]

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Culinary Dream 101: Trust Swimming over Treading Water


This is a very important blog post for me for a few reasons: A. I want to give you good culinary dream advice.  Advice based on my own life, my profession, my mistakes and my triumphs, B. I am at another crossroads in my life and part of it is scary, and C. I think […]

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Living Your Purpose Using Fascination

Catherine Hughes Performingas a pearl

As many of my regular readers already know, I’ve been working through the book, “Heart of a Visionary” and I’ve stopped long enough to read the book, Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation by Sally Hogshead. Sometimes research to improve your skills unexpectedly calls out and you have to stop and engage. I wrote about […]

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World Travel Dreams Puerto Rico: Escape to the Caribbean

World Travel Dreams Las Casitas Village

World travel dreams Puerto Rico: El Conquistador Resort and Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort and El San Juan Resort & Casino Celebrate Friendship with Girls’ and Guys’ Getaway Offer! Girls and guys can gather their favorite friends and family and escape to two resorts in Puerto Rico for a girls’ or guys’ only […]

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Top 10 Things a Website Should Include For Motivational Speakers


A website is your most effective selling tool as a motivational speaker and you could be losing business because of a few minor mistakes… My two biggest sources of business are word-of-mouth-referrals and clients who find me through internet searches. Last year 50% of my business came from strangers who found me on the internet. That means […]

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