How the King Helped Me Live my American Dream

the King of Rock and Roll

A gigantic reason why I am able to live my American Dream is because I am not anymore.  Gigantic, that is. Just two short years ago, as of the date I share this, I weighed one hundred pounds more that I do on this very special day. It is a special day because of this […]

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8 Women Travelers to Inspire World Travel Dreams

Lady Hester_Stanhope

 As a woman with big travel dreams I thank my lucky stars every day that I am able to easily see the world through my own eyes without serious constraint. Today on Travel Saturday I’d like to draw your attention to 8 women travelers who inspire my world travel dreams. Perhaps the most important quality […]

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Take Your Fitness Dream To The Next Level


Next level thinking is something that I am rediscovering in my life for my health and fitness dream. I had it in my teens with the dream of being a ballerina, again when I made my first dream career change, and I’m feeling it now. Next level thinking makes you stop looking at what you […]

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Helen Kinuthia Dreams to be First Kenyan Atop Mount Everest

Helen Kinuthia

Some women dream of falling in love, or running a marathon, while other women dream of climbing to the top of Mount Everest. One such woman with the dream to climb tall mountains is Helen Kinuthia from Kenya. Expedition Everest has just formally announced that Kinuthia will join Toby Storie-Pugh, the founder of the Expedition, […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Photography Dreamer Shoots County Fair at Twilight

Sonoma COunty Ferris wheel

Hello Pro Photography Dreamers! Here are a few images I shot at our local County Fair this past week. I was away from my camera more than usual, managing my photo group a bit more than playing “photographer”.  I wish I could have been inspired to shoot more – twilight and night shoots are quickly […]

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How To Put Your Dreams to Work for You

colorful dreams

I waited in line towards the bottom of the long ramp, rising a few hundred feet up to a large platform. I was surrounded by people in colorful costumes from all regions of the world: Indian saris, boldly patterned and bright African print dresses, head scarves and turbans. Slowly we all ascended up the ramp, […]

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Financial Recovery Dreams Involve No More Babies?

Fewer Babies. Economic Trouble!

I was just over at Learnvest, a new site devoted to helping people manage their money based on where they are in life. I haven’t finished looking at everything, but already I’m intrigued. For someone dreaming of financial self-awareness, combined with financial self-control, Learnvest seems like a good start indeed. While browsing, I came across […]

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