Take Each Dream Lesson As A Path To Achieving Your Dream


Life is never perfect. Just when you think that your world is on Cloud 9, the worst thing can happen to rock your foundation. As a dreamer who is focused on Inspiring women around the world, my greatest dream lesson is to learn from whatever life sends my way — no matter how extreme. Remember: […]

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Dreamers: Learn to Respect the Little Voice of Intuition

Trusting your heart and intuition. Illustration by Iman Woods

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein Ever have a nagging feeling that stayed with you? Either you followed it to success or regretted not listening to the little voice inside. Science has a hard time explaining the inexplicable, however Oprah.com has an eye-opening article citing a study by scientist Barnaby Dunn, PhD […]

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Fitness Challenge: 10 Week Dream Fitness Countdown

Heather's triathlon sprint distance in Napa

Are you ready to completely freak out when faced when your dream opportunity? Sitting on the couch this past Saturday, surrounded by three books on triathlon training, I started to panic. My big dream fitness goal, the one I had put out there to everyone as my huge goal for 2013, was now only 10 […]

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The Secret of Dream Money


I watch the television show, Shark Tank whenever I can catch it, even if it’s re-runs. The reason I love to watch the show is that I am fascinated by what investors have to say about investment money and what entrepreneurs have to say about start-up capital. I like seeing all of their views around […]

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How to Create a Breakthrough: Take a Break from Your Dream

dream breakthrough silly fun

Moving 3000 miles away from the only place I knew was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. It was scary, yet there have been blessings. The state of shock and numbness helped me transition my life and I faked it until I made it. But lately I’ve been pondering […]

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How Food Enhances World Travel Dreams

Lak Lak - food travel in Bali

It is probably true to say that you can’t really say you know a place until you eat its food. Seeing the sights and meeting the people are important parts of travel but I firmly believe tasting the food of a country enhances the experience. Sampling local delicacies can offer a better understanding of local […]

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Big Dreams Come True For Transcendence Theatre Company

Transcendence Theatre Company

When you picture your big dream, with no distinct path to achieving that dream, does that completely freak you out? Amy Miller had a very clear vision of her big dream to bring the Broadway theater experience to a unique outdoor venue way back in 2009. Not having a distinct path to getting the Transcendence Theatre Company up […]

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