Accomplish Your Dream Goals by Giving Back

Dream goal success working with Transcendence

Hello Photography Dreamers Author Bob Burg wrote a book a few years back called “The Go Giver” – in it there is story about Joe, a guy who is desperate to figure out the secret to being successful in sales and creating happiness in his life. Ultimately Joe learns that by changing his focus from […]

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Living Our Dreams As the Great World Turns

BigDipper Stars

In all the places I have traveled all around the world, I had never witnessed directly what I did last Sunday night. It was a revelation… I was at a concert with friends, reclining on a fleece blanket on the sloping lawn of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York. We were […]

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It Is Never Too Late to Embark on a New Dream

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

I am writing to you today from New Zealand. Travel can mean different things to different people and for me outdoors activities are often a part of my travel experience. This week I am skiing in the Southern Lakes region. In the final weeks of winter this is a land of a million shades of […]

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You Can Rarely See What Is Right In Front of Your Nose

vision board for travel

When it comes to working on your dreams, you can be distracted by events in your daily lives that may make you feel like you are moving forward on your dreams, when you really aren’t doing anything but spinning your wheels in place. But our minds have convinced us that creating that “to-do” list is […]

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Finding Gratitude is How I Achieved My Dreams

dream gratitude among the vineyards

Just after I spread some more straw under the Big Mac, Ghost variety and Cinderella pumpkins and gourds, I skibbled out to take a peek at block one and two of the Pinot Gris, then over to the south side Pinot Noir blocks to spy some veraison in the vineyard. Veraison is the color change […]

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Teenage Dream to Start a School Turns Into a Grown-Up Reality


Not all big dreams are about ourselves. Sometimes our dreams are about making a better future for others … When I set out to build Kopila Valley School in midwestern Nepal exactly three years ago, I had Post-it notes, sketches, and wish lists scattered throughout random notebooks. I had a small budget to make this […]

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Images From South Africa As I Enjoy a Dream Break

Images From South Africa: My Niece Allison at her party

Being a blogger on 8 Woman dream is a dream-come-true for me. What is amazing to me is the readers from around the world who come to read my posts. It makes it that much more amazing to share my passion for my dream of becoming an International motivational speaker. I thought it fitting to […]

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