The Art of Dying to Live Your Dream

Anyone who was or is heavy into comic books, Superman, or Seinfeld will know what “The Bizarro World” is. For those of you who don’t, allow me to enlighten you. The Bizarro World, also known as Htrae (earth spelled backwards) is a cube-shaped fictional planet that is home to Bizarro and his companions.  They rival […]

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How You Can Save Money for Your World Travel Dreams

Children's game with stones in Vietnam (pic: Natasha von Geldern)

I am constantly reading travel blogs and when you think of all these people travelling the world long term it starts to make a mockery of the excuse “I can’t afford to travel”. These people are travelling with far less money many of us spend on our daily lives in the materialistic developed world. That […]

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Funny Speakers Tale of Sexy Gone Bad

Funny keynote speaker wears bunny suit

Who Hijacked My Sex Appeal? My husband and I were somewhere around the thirteenth year of marriage. I stopped counting the year he got me a dust buster for our anniversary. We were at that point of the fairy tale where the all-night hanky-panky turns into “Come on babe, we’ve got five minutes before the […]

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A Year of Dreaming Spent Motivating Girls

“Dream Big or go home” is the motto I will live by for the next year as a motivational speaker. A year ago, I took on the responsibility of blogging with 8 Women Dream and dedicated myself to achieving my goal as a motivational speaker motivating girls. It was the best decision ever! “Follow your […]

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The Terrifying Moment When Your Dreams Change

The beautiful thing about dreams is they’re not set in stone. Dreams are ethereal wisps of the potential future. You can stare at them. You can pull at them. You can bring them into reality, changing them as your desires change. An endless world of possibility awaits a dreamer. My dream for over a decade […]

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Women’s History Month: America ReFramed Features 5 Documentaries by Women

It’s Women’s History Month and this month on America ReFramed, 5 independent documentaries, all by women, delve into politics, moving beyond tragedy, what it means to be a woman today and the art of male Hula dancers. The 5 Documentaries by Women are: 1. Passionate Politics (Encore Presentation: Airs March 3) A story that follows […]

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Dream Training: Are You Working Your Dream?

What's in your workout bag? Here's Heathers bag contents for run and bike

Are you training for your dream goals? Big dreams require big work which means no matter what your dream is, you will need dream training along the way. Feel free to Insert eye roll and big sigh here. This is not new information. You will hear something similar from all the dreamers here on 8 Women […]

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How The Art of Asking Feels Like Firewalking

For the first time in years, I am facing my own dream wall . . . It’s the art of asking. It’s time to move 8 Women Dream to the next level. And when I say the next level, I mean offer more to our readers and offer more to the world. I’ve got some incredible women […]

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Using Your Dream Skills in a Jail Cell

Odd and unexpected things can happen to you while you are on your dream journey… A long time ago as a successful chef in New Orleans, Louisiana, I went to jail. I was driving slowly through a park during the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This particular year I wasn’t attending.  I  noticed a police car pull up behind me and […]

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