A Fast Track to Dreams: Things Going Wrong

things going wrong

Today, O Psychic One woke up with a bad case of conjunctivitis. It made me realize that things going wrong put one on the fast track to dreams – way more than things going right. […]

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How Hate Mail Can Fuel Your Dream Success

The scarlet letter

There is this belief among the top bloggers online that if you don’t receive hate mail then you probably don’t matter and you most definitely aren’t successful. Some top bloggers have become famous for their hate mail, most especially, Heather Armstrong of Dooce fame, who put up the website, “Monetizing the Hate” where she posts […]

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Dreamers: For the Love of Ball, Stay Behind the Wheel


When I was young and attending culinary school, I mainly apprenticed at hotels. I thought it would make for a well-rounded education in the different areas of culinary arts. It was, but more-so, meaning it was educational in learning to do everything the rest of the staff didn’t want to do. Unless you are taken […]

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World Travel Dreams: Travel With Children

Learning direct from nature in Australia

When I first set out from New Zealand on my world travel dream I was for the most part on my own. The world seemed a huge place and my travel bucket list a collection of European destinations read about in novels and history books. After “trying out” a few travel companions and driving them […]

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Race Toward Your Dream Goal

First 10k of Heather's Fitness Dream Completed!

Have you ever waited to prepare for your dream goal? There is nothing like the panic of realizing you have a big event coming up that you didn’t prepare for. In the business world, I can totally relate to the 11th hour planning and strategy. Need to get it done tonight for an 8 a.m. […]

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Dreamer Shares World Heritage Sites in South Africa


 The world needs many more dreamers. Unreasonable souls who fight the urge to be ordinary. You can be one of them. Beginning today.- Robin Sharma I have decided that as part of my dream to be an international motivational speaker, I am on a mission to reveal many of the amazing places near my city, […]

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Dreamers: Do You Have the Courage to Become Who You Really Are

Dream Goal - Realized

Hello Pro Photography Dreamers. This will be my last post for a while – at the strong encouragement and support of our Editor Catherine Hughes, I am taking a break from writing about my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Why? Well, lately – I was blindsided by a quote by EE Cummings: It takes […]

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