8 Things Not to Miss for Your Asia Travel Dream

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Travel bucket list alert! Welcome to world travel dreams Saturday and after hitting up Europe and Africa it’s time to turn our attention to planning dream Asia travel. Asia boasts amazing landscapes; incredible history; inspiring art and architecture; and such a diverse range of cultures it is mind-blowing. I have visited 13 countries in Asia […]

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Top 8 Ways Dream Momentum Helps You Achieve Your Goals


Are you using dream momentum to achieve your goals? The alarm is blaring again. It’s 5:30 a.m. and the cats start meowing for their breakfast. I smack the alarm and can barely roll over. Sore muscles everywhere. Standing in my bedroom in the pitch black of early morning, dream momentum is not high on my […]

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A Year of Blogging Creates A License to Dream Freely


This year of blogging has given me an amazing gift: the license to dream freely. Freedom to change my life.  Freedom to become someone new.  Freedom to face my fears. Freedom to make my dreams come true. And freedom to inspire others to do the same. This year of blogging on my own personal blog, […]

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Worldwide Photo Walk: Helping Pro Photography Dreamers Live Their Dream

Kelby Worldwide Photowalk Helps Photography Dreamers live their Dreams

This past weekend I was one of 70 people who walked in the 5th annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. Our walks’ leader, Ray Mabry and the CoOrganizer of our meetup group, the SoCoPhoGro, has organized this walk in our hometown for four years. Every year it gets bigger, and every year it gets funner. […]

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iStock Photo and Alessandra Lariu Feast on Change

Ale Lariu and istock photo

iStock photo has partnered with creative powerhouse Alessandra Lariu, Co-founder of SheSays and CEO of Shout, as its October Artist in Residence. As the Feast Artist in Residence, Ale is working with a specially selected protégé, Kervie, on a project, aka The Brief, around women and leadership related to 2012’s theme of “Creating a Better […]

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Living Your Dreams Requires Doing What Makes You Come Alive

dancing makes you come alive

You know those moments when you feel unstoppable? When you just know you are well on your way to living your dreams, and loving every minute of the journey? I hope we dreamers have all experienced those magical times when the universe seems to be rearranging itself on our behalf, when we have no doubts […]

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Ladies: Want Big Dreams? Grow a Pair


In conjunction with her soon to be released book “Sexy Boss: How the Empowerment of Women is Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Sex,” Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood this week launched Sexy Boss Inc., a multi-layered educational platform designed to help women shift the male-dominated business paradigm by acquiring the necessary mindset and skills […]

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