Dream Advice: Overcome Negative Thoughts on Your Dream Journey

8WomenDream_Quote_Sue-Levy on negative thinking, Sue Levy Quotes

Your dream journey will require that you go for it with your every being. You should be warned. My advice: It’s not for the fiant of heart. Your dream will push you to your very limits and may leave you wallowing in a negative space more often then you’d like to admit, which is generally […]

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The Secret to Teaching Women How to Feel Beautiful

Beautiful custom dress by The Secret Boutique makes me feel like a million bucks

It’s no secret that women want to feel beautiful. From an early age we learn that if we are pretty we are more likely to succeed in life. We’ll snag good husbands and get good jobs if people like us. Sometimes the message is straight forward such as being voted prom queen and other instances […]

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How Joy Can Lead Us To Our Dreams

Thacher Park Stream Joy

Living my dreams has been anything but a linear path, and the journey has been full of surprises along the way. The one consistent thread in my dream journey has been joy, and I have become a firm believer that the simple experience of feeling joy in our bodies, and moving in the direction of that joy, can lead us to our dreams.

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Who Else Wants To Keep The Weight Off? Try Weight Lifting

Heather's after photo, Weight loss New Year's resolution

If you are losing weight, don’t avoid weight lifting as part of your workout routine. Women have a huge advantage when adding weight lifting to their fitness. We have the opportunity to sculpt a feminine symmetrical shape that helps you build muscle and lose fat. This fitness and health dreamer added weight training to my […]

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Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes: Create A Food Memory


Mother’s Day is be one of the busiest days of the year in the food industry and for anyone who has a mother, or is a mother for that matter. Mothers never rest, even on Mother’s Day. Some of us are lucky enough to have mothers still with us on earth, while others have to […]

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A Tale of 2 Indias: The World Before Her

the world before her in india

Nisha Pahuja’s award-winning film takes us inside the strikingly opposing worlds of two young women in India In her timely documentary THE WORLD BEFORE HER, which took the top prize at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, filmmaker Nisha Pahuja examines the role of women in India and the stark choices both women and the country […]

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Keynote Speakers Need To Know Their Story

who-hijacked-my-fairy tale

Keynote Speakers Weave Their Own Life Story Into The Truths They Want To Share With That Audience Stories are a vital part of a motivational speaker’s presentation. But many keynote speakers see stories as additions to their content, without ever really putting together the story of who they are. Your life story is what separates […]

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