Dream Progress Is Like Riding A Bike


You know that old saying that “it’s just like riding a bike”? That once we learn something, we know it. It may be days, months or years before we take advantage of that learning, but most of the time when we need it, that knowledge will come back to us. While pursuing my very own […]

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Cape Town South Africa: A Dreamers View


As I continue my dream journey here on 8 Women Dream I think it’s important to share parts of my life in Cape Town South Africa. This week, my husband decided to take his annual leave from work and I decided to take time off and join him. As part of Heritage Month celebrations in South […]

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Setting Dream Goals and Celebrating Accomplishments: It Makes a Difference

Celebrate in the wine country

  This month marks my 3rd year of writing for 8 Women Dream – and although I don’t like to give advice, I do have some thoughts about what it’s like to go after your dreams, especially when it comes to celebrating accomplishments. What I know to be true about this process is that dreaming […]

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Dreaming Big for the Last Quarter of 2012

surfer kids

The leaves are just starting to turn, burning with that autumn fire of red and orange and gold, which means that it’s fall and time to assess my goals for the last quarter of 2012. Three months is enough time to make some major leaps, and start dreaming big for 2013. And, I want to […]

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Money Dreams: Do Not Hoard It – Recycle It

Money Dreams Don't hoard it recycle it

There’s something about autumn that gets me in the mood to take stock, so today I’m taking stock of my money dreams. I’ve been writing about money (and other stuff) here on 8 Women Dream for almost two years now – 21 months, to be exact. Looking back over that time, I realize that my […]

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Blog Success: What the Emmy Awards Teach You

blog-success and the emmy awards

When you think of blog success, the Emmy Awards is probably last thing that comes to your mind, but there is a lot the awards can teach you about what the public enjoys. If you dream of having a top blog, then you have to know what your readers enjoy in order to achieve blogging success. […]

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An American Dream Fairy-tale

Sweet Petite using a refractometer.

  Once upon a time, when I was a little kid at home in bed suffering yet again with a bout of chronic acute bronchitis, I watched wide-eyed with amazement, this fantastic movie, “The Long Long Trailer”. In addition to being a faithful follower of both “The Ricardos” and Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as […]

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