Memoirs of a Dreamer: A Year of Sunshine

My daughter Aliya

I am a true dreamer. I believe in sunshine, dream dust, and children.  I guess you can say that I am just one of those people who always has a good feeling about life. When life has given you many lemons, like it did to me  – you learn to make lemonade and enjoy it — no […]

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The Secret to Goal Success: Live in the Moment

dream success live in the moment

  This past weekend I achieved a big dream goal: to volunteer my photography. While I was shooting this riding event, I met a couple who were living their dreams, just by “being in the moment.”  Their story intrigued me, so I stopped for a few and talked with them. They were here in California […]

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Remembering 9/11: How The Past Can Help Us Live Our Dreams

iconic memories

There are moments that define a generation.  Ask anyone in my parents’ generation where they were when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and they will share a clear memory. It was unforgettable. That tragic moment united a nation in sorrow and disbelief. A beloved young president and iconic presence was gone too soon, and […]

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President Dreams: I Say Vote for Me

Vote For Me

I’m just kidding with that title — especially since those of you over fifty are singing the next line: …”and I’ll set you free.” NOT! It’s never been my dream to run for office. I’ve been up close and personal with politics, and you would never – I mean NEVER – catch me throwing my […]

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5 Principles To Help You Market Your Dream


Have you been wondering how important it is to be able to market your dream? One of the perks of being a top blog is that pr companies send you products to test before they hit the market. My favorite pre-release products are books, especially if they are books that I think will benefit our […]

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Painting My Dream Kitchen Happy is How I Shoo Away the SAD

Bright new dream kitchen

As I carefully hop down from my perch atop the refrigerator in my dream kitchen, where I finished the “cutting in” of the edge where the ceiling meets the wall, using my left hand, I realize I may have taken in a few too many paint fumes as I recite a line from one of […]

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8 Things Not to Miss on Your Dream Europe Trip

Prague castle

For many people a dream trip to Europe is the most expensive and highly anticipated travel of their lives. With so much history, culture, architecture, landscape and food to experience it is also common for travelers to Europe to suffer from travel burn out. Cramming 10 or more countries into a trip of only weeks […]

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