How I Improved My Self-Esteem in One Year

Count your blessings for healthy self-esteem.

Last week I posted a blog from a year ago about my self-esteem. Because I wasn’t ready to talk about what was happening, this blog focused on my self-esteem regarding beauty. You couldn’t tell from the blog how hard my life was at the time. But now I’m ready to talk about how much I struggled and […]

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How My Big Dreams Took Me To Hollywood

Big Dreams in HOLLYWOOD

Big dreams and Hollywood are often synonymous at least for those in the film industry. If you want to be a big star, that’s where you go, right? I never imagined that my book publishing dreams would lead me there, however, since my aspirations are as a writer and dancer, and I never really thought […]

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You 2.0 Happens After Your D’oh Moment


At some point on the dreamer’s journey you will find yourself at a a “D’oh moment.” Oprah likes to call them “Aha! moments” I think possibly because “Aha” may sound prettier when you’re having a light-bulb moment — that moment where you to see a missing piece of your dream puzzle. It’s certainly a reality […]

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Like Hush-puppies: Your Treasure is Within You Already

caprese joy

Writing on 8 women dream is special to me. I get to talk to God knows how many of you about dreams — along with the ups and downs of it all.  You don’t judge me or what I write. Well, at least I don’t see it if you do, and that’s just fine with […]

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World Travel Dreams: 8 Things Not to Miss in Australia

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge Australia

I can hardly believe it but I am coming to the end of two years in Australia and my Wandering Kiwi family and I have decided to return to our sometime-home in the United Kingdom. It has been a fantastic opportunity to explore this vast continent, by rail, by car and on foot. It is […]

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How The Fairy Tale Myth Can Kill Your Big Dream

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson encourages you to take control, grab the magic wand, and rewrite your fairy tale

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? So I’m in WallyMart the other day, which is where I usually go when I’m wishing I had more children, because nothing kills the urge to have children better than five minutes in WallyMart. It’s much cheaper than birth control. And guess who I run into? Cinderella. Yep. Right there […]

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One Year Rewind of Self-Esteem Dreams

Photo of me from the same time I wrote this blog a year ago.

I wrote this blog about my self-esteem one year ago. Next week I will post my update reflecting on the past year. The biggest source of negative self-esteem is often ourselves. Some things can only heal with time. Just as when our hearts and spirits are hurt by others, it takes time to undo the […]

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