The Sexy Bathing Suit Dream and The Reality of Eating For It

Young Woman with a Surfboard buy at

Summer is around the corner, although in many places, it still feels like winter. Soon enough, the weather will be hot and it will be time to break out the clothes that consist of less material. A lot of us dread this time of year, especially when we’ve put on weight and want to avoid […]

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The Secret to How Keynote Speakers Get Standing Ovations

motivational speakers live for standing ovations

Keynote Speakers LOVE Standing Ovations One of the greatest thrills as a motivational keynote speaker is getting a standing ovation. While they feel great, standing ovations are not always a good measurement of quality. Sometimes it’s just one person who jumped to their feet, and two hundred others who stood up two by two, due […]

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Women Public Speakers: Teach Young Men to Respect Women

Sue Levy and Aslam Levy inspire 170 young men

Image Source I am a dreamer of big dreams, an advocate for women empowerment, and most importantly, I am a public speaker. I have a voice that I intend to use for sharing a message of hope to women and men everywhere.  I see my gift of being a accomplished public speaker as a blessing.  I have found […]

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Famous Photographer Dreams of Using iPhone 5 for Glamour Portraits

taken, edited and processed completely on the iPhone 5

My dream of becoming a famous photographer scares me sometimes. For a very long time I refused to dream of being a famous photographer. I wanted to be known for changing lives, self-esteem and helping women. I pushed myself to focus on creating an empowering experience. Recently I realized that I was scared that my […]

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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes to Make A Difference For Assault Victims

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Red Mules

The impetus behind my big dream of writing and publishing my first best-selling book has always been to make a difference for others, especially women, by telling the story of how I healed from the traumatic rape and stalking that made my early 20s a living hell. This Saturday, I am blessed with the opportunity to speak at “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes,” a fundraiser for victims of sexual assault.

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Sprint Triathlon: Dream Milestone Achieved In Under Two Hours

heather with bike after first sprint tri

  Dream milestones happen really early in the morning when you are heading to your first sprint triathlon. The alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. and the preparation for the day started. I took my own advice and packed up the car the evening before.The plan was to hit the road for the hour plus […]

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Clear Your Plate Literally and Figuratively to Live Your Dream

clean your plate

This week, I worked at a private villa feeding 2 adults and their 4 children.  I cooked breakfasts and dinners.  On some nights they had guests, so it was more mouths to feed, especially more children’s mouths with a crash-course on kid’s palates. While still cooking at the villa for the families, I also went […]

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