Dream Training Can Make Your Goal Easier


How do you know you need dream training? At some point in your dream, you may pause and ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?” Doing something the “right” way can save you time, energy, and occasionally, money. Or it can bring up every stubborn bone in your body to stand firm, arms crossed and […]

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Dream Mission: Making Someone Else’s Dream Come True


As a proud 8 Women Dream blogger,  I know the importance of working hard to achieve my dreams. But recently, I have learned that what makes me the most happy is to make someone else’s dream come true. I find exceptional pleasure in making people smile. I think that is why I want this motivational speaker dream […]

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Photography Dream Inspiration Images for Wordless Wednesday

Dream Inspiration - learning from the best

This week’s Wordless Wednesday post for all of you pro photography dreamers, highlights some of my photography dream inspiration images from a 2007 National Geographic photo workshop in Italy. It’s hard to believe it was 5 years ago this month when I traveled to Italy, a gift to myself for my 40th birthday,  to shoot […]

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Making A Leap of Faith to Live Our Dreams

leap of faith

Taking a leap of faith is what has enabled me, so many times, to live so many of my dreams. It’s time to make another quantum leap now. To show myself that I can do anything, to show my commitment to my dreams, and make a symbolic leap, I’m going skydiving later this week! Eek! […]

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Grocery Smarts: I Dream of Dumping the Grocery Store

Dump the Grocery Store

This is one of my new dreams: to dump the grocery store. There’s a financial aspect to it, so don’t worry that I’m taking a sudden left turn here on 8 Women Dream. And I wouldn’t have gotten to this dream if I hadn’t been pursuing my financial mastery dream. Isn’t that the way of all dreams? One leads to another and another. [...]

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The Biggest Dream Mistake of All: Not Dreaming Big Enough

dream bigger 8 women dream

The biggest mistake dreamers make when they first set their site on their big dream is not dreaming big enough. I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me, it’s true. Take for example my son, Brian. Several years ago he set his sights on being a Varsity football player. He worked out all the […]

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How I Survived Hurricane Katrina to Rebuild My Dream

st louis cathedral new orleans

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina passed east of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a huge and powerful storm. The tidal surge destroyed the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The failure of the levee system destroyed the New Orleans of my childhood.  The New Orleans I knew and loved. I was living my dream as the owner of […]

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