Feeling Stuck? Here’s 8 Good Questions to Answer

feeling stuck in life inspiration 8WD

When it comes to working your dream, are you feeling stuck? Has your creativity flown south for the winter? Are you now stuck in the mental space where you simply can’t take the next step? Trust me, I’ve been there — lived that. And I know what to do when you’re feeling stuck. First, you […]

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Making Something From Nothing: 8 Years After Hurricane Katrina

new orleans hurrican katrina

Lately I’ve found myself completely distracted from my writing practice. I’ve been in a strange space that I don’t quite know how to define.  Culinary work has shifted from just being a private chef cooking for clients in spectacular homes to preparing dishes for clients riding in jets. I am also meeting with new potential […]

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How I Keep Track Of My Material As A Motivational Speaker


A Motivational Speaker Must Have An Extensive Portfolio of Material Gone are the days of getting by on one speech. Motivational Speakers must be constantly preparing, memorizing, and taking new material to the stage. Sometimes we’re asked to speak for hours at a time. My longest speaking gig without a break was 4 hours. That’s a […]

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Interviewing A Real Life Dreamer: Serenity Stewart

Serenity Stewart-If it's what you REALLY want - do it

  Part of my dream journey is to meet amazing women who inspire me along the way to becoming an International Speaker. I was first introduced to Serenity by her PR agent earlier in this year. Her story captured my heart as her courage made me fall inlove with her willingness to not give up […]

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iPhone Photos of Life on the Farm

photo 2

My dream come true life on a farm has hit a snag. I’m struggling with my health after the stress of moving. So this week’s blog will be short, and I hope sweet. The images I’ve captured with my iPhone of life on a farm.            

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Warning: Dream Fitness May Include Weight Gain With Exercise

weight gain with exercise - don't let this number determine your fitness level

Healthy weight gain with exercise is not something you hear in the your typical conversation on health. The majority of resources are focused on weight loss, with no focus on where that loss of weight should be coming from. I won’t lie. I still weigh myself every morning and hashed out some pros and cons […]

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Travel dreams: Ireland Game of Thrones film locations

Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland

On my recent trip to Northern Ireland I came across constant references to the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. The reason for this is that the television series receives funding from a Northern Ireland government agency and filming is now based there. Similarly to New Zealand’s bonanza thanks to the filming of the Lord […]

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