Why Broken People are Actually Whole

"You are whole even with your broken parts." Iman Woods

We all dream of feeling whole. We dream of being more perfect than we are. We work on our bodies, we train our minds, we try to focus on a better future. The reason plastic surgery and weight loss plans are so appealing is they fuel our hope that we can FIX ourselves. We mistakenly believe that […]

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An Update on the Journey to Publishing a Best-Selling Book

living the dream of publishing a best-selling book

I have wanted to be a “famous author” ever since I was a little girl, when I would pen beginnings of novels in spiral-bound notebooks and then stash them in the back of my desk drawers if the plotlines became hopeless. And as long-time 8womendream readers know, I have actively been on the journey to publishing a best-selling book for a few years now.

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Fitness Challenge: Try On A Triathlon Wetsuit Without Laughing Yourself Silly

Heather Triathlon Dream - My first wetsuit test

There are several days along the way to this triathlon fitness challenge that I have felt like an idiot. The first time I went running I was sure I looked like a flailing fool. The first time in the pool to swim laps, I almost drown just getting across the 25 meter distance. The thing […]

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Warning: Simplicity is Key to Online Success


Branding yourself is an important step in launching your dream online because your brand – who you are – is an extension of your authentic self. Branding yourself online allows you to present YOU in the best possible light. It can also make your followers feel close to you and a part of your online […]

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At What Time is the Food Not Fresh?


I have been in the culinary industry for 16+ years now and I could tell you stories that would make you cringe. Well, I will get around to telling you those stories but let’s start here with a look at the realities of catering for a living. Anyone who deals with the public has to […]

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The Highs and Lows of World Travel Dreams


Do you dream of long term travel? Of taking off for a month, or three, or even a year? Of taking not just a vacation or a trip but really travelling? Some people call this ‘slow travel’. Not just seeing the sights but moving at a leisurely pace through a country, using public transport, and […]

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Dreaming Big Starts With Knowing What You Want


  My Reflection This morning I looked in the mirror and saw age spots. I totally freaked out until I realized the mirror was just dirty.  According to my New Year’s Resolution, I was supposed to have lost thirty pounds by now and have buff arms. Instead, I’m pretty sure my muffin top just had […]

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