50 Motivational Weight Loss Quotes that Make Dreams Come True

50 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes

  There are inspiring weight loss and fitness quotes for living a healthy life, several from some of the world’s most famous women and athletes of our time. Feel free to share our inspiring weight loss quotes collection on healthy living, taking care of yourself, getting fit, eating right, and successful weight loss. 50 Most Inspiring […]

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The Secret Behind the Most Popular Online Content

The Secret Behind Most Popular Online Content

Is there a secret to being popular online? Actually there is, but often creative artists don’t want to hear the truth. Writers who are new to blogging tend to write like the world hasn’t changed in the last ten years and suffer in silence until they quit blogging altogether. They blame their lack of popularity or “anything […]

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Remedial Entertaining Is Part of This Dream Called Cooking


I began making hors d’oeuvres at the age of 5. They always consisted of the same thing:  white bread spread with mayonnaise and cut into squares.  I would put them on a tray and serve them to my mom and dad as they sat on the sofa drinking Highballs while listening to Dean Martin. My […]

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Travel Bucket Lists and World Travel Dreams

Jatiluwah rice terraces, Bali (pic - Natasha von Geldern)

Whatever the scope of your world travel dream, you may have at some point drawn up a travel bucket list. You know, the list of places you want to see before you ‘kick the bucket’. Let’s make it clear, I don’t personally have any interest in ticking off any of these travel bucket lists as […]

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7 Secrets To Conquering Stage Fright As A Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker Shows Seven Ways to Conquer Stage Fright

How This Keynote Speaker Went From Introvert to Extrovert Fear keeps most people from jumping into their dream. I know. I’ve been there. It’s not easy to come out of our comfort zone because, well, duh, it’s uncomfortable. And we don’t like to be uncomfortable. If your dream is to be a funny keynote speaker like me, […]

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50 Funny Professional Speaker Quotes

The 50 Most

Motivational speaker, Kelly Swanson, has put together a collection of the most funny professional speaker quotes of all time. There are funny professional speaker quotes for living a healthy life from some of the world’s most famous women and motivational speakers of our time. Feel free to share our funny professional speaker […]

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12 Dream Answers From International Speaker Sue Levy


When I first started blogging and going for my dream of being an international speaker, I was always the interviewer — the girl who interviewed amazing, successful women from around the world. But lately as my dream continues to unfold, I have found myself being the interviewee. It’s a strange feeling when people begin to support your dream, […]

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