Warning: Dream Fitness May Include Weight Gain With Exercise

weight gain with exercise - don't let this number determine your fitness level

Healthy weight gain with exercise is not something you hear in the your typical conversation on health. The majority of resources are focused on weight loss, with no focus on where that loss of weight should be coming from. I won’t lie. I still weigh myself every morning and hashed out some pros and cons […]

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Travel dreams: Ireland Game of Thrones film locations

Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland

On my recent trip to Northern Ireland I came across constant references to the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. The reason for this is that the television series receives funding from a Northern Ireland government agency and filming is now based there. Similarly to New Zealand’s bonanza thanks to the filming of the Lord […]

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Motivational Speakers Should Get Their Message Out Online


Motivational Speakers Should Say YES To The Podcasts! It’s all about getting our name out to the world – but even more, getting our name and message out to the world. So motivational speakers should take advantage of any opportunity to be interviewed and put on radio, television, podcasts, webinars, virtual seminars, etc.  Some speakers […]

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A Dream Come True: Inspiring Women for National Women’s Day

Motivation Quote

  After weeks of internal battle and not having the courage to write to all of you, I had a glimpse of my future as an International Speaker. I really do take my hat off to every woman that has left everything to pursue their dreams. I am blessed to have a team of dreamers […]

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Dreams Don’t Die They Change and Grow

Storm on the farm. Watching the clouds roll in, seeing the rain, hearing it is similar to the crash of waves on the beach.

Replacing my former dream house seemed an impossible task. This blog will hopefully balance my last two frustrated blogs. Kelly Swanson, motivational speaker and fellow 8 Women Dream writer, wisely commented on my blog where I said goodbye to my dream. Dreams don’t die – they just take on a new shape. Kelly Swanson I’m over the […]

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Don’t Let Embarrassment Stop Your Fitness Dream

Are you letting embarrassment keep you from your fitness dream?

Despite the desire to run, and the knowledge that running is one of the most effective ways to get fit, most don’t even start to run because they are embarrassed to run in public. If you feel this way you are not alone. In fact you have something in common with the winner of the […]

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8 Travel Writing Jobs and How to Get Them

Travel Jobs: Hiker Enjoys Solitude in the Hills Above Hay-On-Wye, in the Brecon Beacons National Park by David Pickford

Do you dream of travel writing jobs and getting paid to travel? I understand that the idea of free trips, world-wide travel and seeing your name under a byline sound amazing, but travel writing jobs are hard work. It’s a hugely competitive field, and as with many writing jobs, you won’t earn very much in […]

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