How to Become A New York Times Bestselling Author

Bestselling Authors

It’s amazing what one will do as part of the quest to become a New York Times bestselling author… I’d left the hotel early Sunday morning during the worst part of the fierce rain-and-windstorm to accomplish my super-secret spy mission. My windshield wipers sloshed through the sheets of rain that were breaking on the windshield […]

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Dreams Require Enchantment

Dreams REquire Enchantment

Awhile back, 8 Women Dream Editor in Chief Catherine Hughes wrote about her encounter with Guy Kawasaki, author of the book Enchantment (among many other books). I put the book on my reading list, but I just now got around to it. It’s an awesome book, and it made me realize: Dreams require enchantment. […]

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The Secret to Blogging Success

popular science

When I was working in mortgage baking in the late 1990s automation was quickly becoming the next big thing.  The idea that  loan could be handled electronically from start to finish was revolutionary at the time and showed bright promise for the future of home lending. I was part of a project to train and automate […]

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Don’t Pick Dreams that Force a Choice Between Who You Love and What You Love

Black and White Cat and Calf Touching Each Other with Heads

My cats, Yin an Yang have been very unhappy with my absence from our home and the fact that they are stuck in an apartment without a yard, or any freedom. None of us have been feeling on top of the world ever since I started working in a hotel restaurant. When you dream, life […]

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Travel Dreams: Destination Weddings in Bali


When you ponder a travel dream destination I’m not sure how often you think about getting married. Travel dreamers tend to think mostly about where to go to get away from everyone, see something that hasn’t been seen before, or cross a destination off a bucket list and continue on, but have you ever thought about traveling abroad to […]

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Dream Success: Interview with Alessandra Lariu

Ale Lariu and Feast Topic: Think Women Leaders

  What happens when you have dream success? If you are creative guru Alessandra Lariu, you take your dream success to the next level every day. I had an opportunity to chat with Ale about her latest projects and how female leadership is changing the way we do business. Ale has quite the background in the […]

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The Road to Dream Success Can Make You Sick

woman in south africa

This past week I was in the hospital, diagnosed with dehydration and a bad case of Gastro Infection, where my stomach acid kept creeping up my esophagus burning the inside of my stomach and chest. It’s not exactly the romantic vision you have of a dreamer is it? But it does illustrate how passionate I […]

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