A Tribute to My Heroes For Father’s Day, Part I

Lisa Mom Luna

“I want to be a writer someday,” I said to my grandfather wistfully, dreaming of a time when I would publish books of my own. It seemed a far-off reality as I started college, perhaps an impossible dream, and at the very least an impractical one. Wasn’t it hard to make a living as a […]

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Paying to Get Ahead: The American Dream?

paying to get ahead

Well into my second year of blogging about my dream of achieving financial mastery, I am continually reminded that mastery of anything is as much about one’s head as it is about one’s behavior. Hence, I seem to be going through a period of re-thinking my thinking about money.For readers who are looking for some […]

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8 Top Items You Must Have to Create the Perfect Wine Country Dream Kitchen

Fresh artichokes from my vineyard garden.

I do not dream about cooking for my two children and husband every day. I do not fancy baking dozens of batches of cookies, cupcakes, lemon bars or berry pies on regular occasions for the vineyard and winery crew. No, I do not dream about it, because I do it now. Seriously, every day, from […]

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Travel Saturday: Escape to the Caribbean

Stonefield villa view

While 8 Women Dream continues to interview travel bloggers to write about their travel dreams on Saturday, resorts continue to email us letting us know about what they have to offer the travel dreamer. This week, Stonefield Estate Villa Resort and Spa wanted 8 Women Dream to showcase their facilities for those wishing to escape […]

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Learning How To Launch The Hallmark Way


Product launch dreams come in all sizes. I have to say that I would never consider any of my ideas on the same scale as a company like Hallmark. Most of you recognize the company and brand name of Hallmark as the greeting card company started in 1910.That feeling when you receive a card in […]

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Confessions of an African Ex Beauty Queen: Dream Bigger

dreaming bigger dreams by getting lost

 Becoming a motivational speaker is one of the most satisfying dreams in the world. To make a positive difference in the lives of those you speak to by lifting their spirits with your words makes me appreciate life to the fullest. It’s a satisfaction that I almost can’t describe. For as long as I can […]

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A Truly Wordless Wednesday Spent Honoring the Brave With Images

Wordless Wednesday Images of the Thank You Wall

Memorial Day was originally Decoration Day  — a day set aside from the American Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War. It has since grown into a day of remembrance for those who died while serving in any war for the United States Armed Forces. Memorial Day […]

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