New Zealand Travel: Locations From The Hobbit Movie

The Party Field, Hobbiton, New Zealand (pic: Natasha von Geldern)

Have you seen The Hobbit movie yet? Even if you haven’t you may be aware that one of the starring roles was taken by the landscapes of a little country at the bottom of the world: New Zealand. I received a Christmas card from my mother-in-law in New Zealand that was postmarked “From Middle Earth”. […]

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Fitness Dream Myth: Willpower Is All You Need


Are you under the impression that if you only had the willpower to overcome that need for chocolate in the midst of PMS, that your life fitness dream would be perfect? Your fitness dream may be more influenced by the reality that willpower is like fairy dust – just because I want it, doesn’t mean […]

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5 Ways to Pursue the Best Dream Year of Your Life


A new year means a new beginning. I love new beginnings because they help you refocus and re-calculate this amazing journey called “Your Dream Life.” I have compiled a few of my favorite and helpful tips to help you live the best dream year of your life. There is no reason why you should take […]

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Change Your Dream Focus to Find Empowered Self-esteem

Empowered Self-Esteem is looking for what is RIGHT rather than what is wrong

At night, when I can’t fall asleep, I dream of a world without insecurities. The common ways people mistreat themselves and others is often based on feeling inadequate. The biggest problem I see with my clients and friends is they’re quite good at picking themselves apart. But they’re terrible at giving themselves credit for the […]

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8 Top Goal Setting Help to Move Your Dream Forward This Year

goal setting help

The dreamers on 8 Women Dream have learned quite a bit about goal setting over the years and we’ve collected our top 8 posts on setting goals.  Setting goals are critical to making your dreams come true. Goals are like a compass that keep you on track.  Without them your dream will stay just a dream and nothing […]

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New Year Goals: The Heart of the Visionary for 1 Year

The Heart of the Visionary

I told myself that when 8 Women Dream reached a certain point in traffic visits and positive responses to the content I’d push 8 Women Dream to yet another level. OK, so now it’s that time … but to be honest with you I haven’t exactly been excited about the prospect of pinning my ears […]

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This Year Resolve to Make Sleeping Dreams Real Dreams

dreaming of houses

Is next year going to be the year that you finally do something about making your dreams come true? My advice to you on the week where each blogger here is writing about dream goals for next year: Make your sleeping dreams become your real dreams. That’s my plan. You see, I had a dream […]

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