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Motivational Speaker Hits Reality TV

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Is Headed to Television It’s true. In case you missed the other blog posts, I’ve added a new job title to author, motivational speaker, and comedian: TV show cast member. I guess that means I can call myself an actress now, right? It’s a very cool TV show. It’s called The Fashion […]

How To Be A Motivational Speaker

Six Simple Steps To Being a Successful Motivational Speaker Not easy….just simple In my career as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling expert, I meet hundreds of people who want to be motivational speakers. While the rest of the world looks at them like they’ve grown an extra head (it’s not a normal profession, let’s […]

How To Rock a Bureau Showcase

How to Rock the 15-Minute Presentation Got a bureau showcase coming up? Freaking out because you only have fifteen minutes including your introduction? You’re not alone. I’ve been there many times, and it’s a grueling assignment. You almost feel like you’re being set up for failure, forcing someone to determine whether they should hire you […]

If You Don’t Have This, You Don’t Have a Story

No Character, No Conflict, No Story In my career of teaching people in business how to use story as a tool of impact, I see a common mistake. People tell me stories that aren’t really stories.  A list of facts is not a story.  Telling me how you got started in business is not a […]