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It’s Not Who You Know That Gets You Booked as a Keynote Speaker

Note:  This blog post is intended for those in the speaking profession, who fall prey to the belief that it’s all about who you know in your industry. The article points out the validity in thinking that being recognized by the big names will get you booked.  While the message is intended for this audience, […]

I Have A New Dream

Today is the day I embark on a new dream…as a funny motivational speaker I haven’t ditched the old dream of spreading humor and hope as a funny motivational speaker. I’ve just added a new piece. A scary piece. And as with any new dream, it brings along a healthy dose of fears. Things like…. […]

Why It Pays To Be Easy To Work With

The Fine Line Between Confidence and Being Hard to Work With I speak at a lot of different kinds of events, and therefore spend a lot of time chatting with my customers. Often the conversation will include what they liked about me and the experience I delivered, as well as some of the other speakers […]

My Biggest Business Mistake

My Biggest Mistake In The Business Of Professional Speaking I’ve made plenty of mistakes in this business, that’s for sure. But there is one that rises to the top. I never built a list. I published an article in LinkedIn today about how I fixed this mistake. If you’re interested, go check it out: