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My Adventure On Reality TV

Oh my goodness, Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Funny Motivational Speaker Hits The Telly I have always said that my career has not been so much a result of hard work and strategic planning, but random doors that opened and I walked through them – with closed eyes and held breath. Add another adventure […]

Finding Happiness Through Giving Ourselves A Break

Happiness alights upon us when we stop chasing it – isn’t that what people say about joy, and butterflies? I left the pursuit of goals behind for a few days, and instead just indulged in activities that light me up. Singing, dancing, yoga, meditation, and communities of like-minded people: It was a weekend full of […]

Dealing with Jealousy

When the sting of jealousy hits While I try to be a loving person and respect that it’s not always my turn, sometimes I just get jealous. Jealous of someone else’s body. Jealous of someone else’s opportunity. I honor the emotion and then try to get rid of it as soon as possible because it […]

Three Easy Words To Help Boost Confidence

Negative Self Talk Is The Deadly Killer of Confidence I am one hundred percent sure that most of what holds us back from our dreams, our goals, and a higher level of peace and productivity, is ourselves.  The story we write in our head is so powerful that it dictates our thoughts, behaviors, action steps, and […]

Am I Pretty Enough?

Am I pretty enough for this dream? It’s a question most of us, thanks to society’s messaging, have asked ourselves at one time or another. Am I pretty enough for the spotlight? Today I want to tackle that question. As you may know, I have been cast on an upcoming reality TV show called The […]