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Finding Happiness Through PRIDE In the Name of Love

BLOGGER’S NOTE: In 2016, I had to miss the NYC PRIDE parade due to being home with strep throat, although I so wanted to be there to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage, and to also mourn the beautiful souls lost at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando two weeks […]

When You’re Not Chosen For The Gig

When You’re Not The Motivational Speaker They Pick I am no stranger to rejection.  I have been rejected far more than I have been accepted. But it still stings. And most of us as speakers take it WAY too personally. We lose the job and think it was because our fee was too low, or […]

Reality TV Here I Come!

When Our Dreams Take a Left Turn People often ask me how I got to where I am, and I tell them it was a weird twisted path I never could have planned on my own.  While I had goals and action steps, there were many more left turns and twists and open doors that […]

Don’t Overthink Your Tagline

Taglines Don’t Mean As Much As You Think They Do (Note: A tagline is simply that short phrase you use to define yourself and your brand.  It is usually one sentence or even a few words that sum up you or your message. For example, “The Communications Doctor” or “Self Help Expert” or “The Queen […]

Finding Happiness with Martha Beck and My Soul Tribe

Five years ago this month, I enrolled in a training that would change my life forever. It was the beginning of an eight-month journey to become a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and it would introduce me to a “soul tribe” of like-minded spirits who are still lifting me up today. I recently had the chance […]

How I Got Gigs As A Motivational Speaker

How Did I Find The Bookings as a Motivational Speaker? It’s the question that I get asked more than anything – “How do I find people to pay me to speak?”   Unfortunately, many are asking this question before they really have something worth selling. But that’s another article. I debated over what to call […]