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Is Your Speech a Book Report or an Experience?

Note: The opinions in this article are a bit blunt and harsh. I don’t have time to sugar coat it or throw in the required southern “bless your hearts” to soften the blow. So if you are sensitive or defensive about your speaking ability, you may want to skip this one. Sometimes in order to […]

How Big Is Your Dream? A motivational message.

A Story with a Motivational message from Kelly Swanson Today’s blog post is done by video. Perhaps this is just the message you needed to hear today.  Feel free to share it with those who may need to hear it too.  

How To Make A Scary Business Decision

How to Make the Tough Calls In the Business of Motivational Speakers Speaking in public on a stage can be a scary thing. But so is the BUSINESS of speaking. We have to make decisions with little to go on, and sometimes those decisions can be costly. We don’t have a rule book to tell […]

How I Paint the Scene in a Story

How To Make A Story Powerful By Creating A Vivid Scene The power of a story lies in your ability to take your listener into the story – to show instead of tell. There is no question that the key to a compelling story is in the details you choose. It almost doesn’t matter what […]

Ten New Ways To Open Your Speech

How is the opening of your speech? We all know that the opening and closing are the two most important moments of your speech. They are the most remembered moments. Today we’re going to talk about the opening. First of all, I hope you have an opening. I hope you have something that buffers the […]