Archives for March 2016

Creating Strong Story Characters

What makes a good story character? Stories are as good as the characters in them. The problem is that most storytellers leave their characters flat.  If we can’t “see” that character, we can’t connect to that character. Here are some easy ways to help us connect to the character in your story. Give them a […]

How To Write a Story in 3 Easy Steps

3 Easy Steps to Write a Story Struggling with how to write that story for your next speech? Here is an easy formula that I use when I need to write a story fast.  I call it the Three Paragraph Method because it has three paragraphs to its construction. Brilliant title. I know. Let me clarify that […]

Finding Happiness Through Celebrating Women Everywhere

Today I am finding happiness in celebrating women everywhere, and wanted to share some stories of some of the incredible women who have crossed my path lately.

Where I Get Booked As A Keynote Speaker

How do we find bookings as a motivational keynote speaker? It’s the most commonly asked question in the speaking business, even among seasoned speakers. Where do we find the gigs?  Every speaker you ask will tell you a different answer, and be convinced their answer is the right way, even if they aren’t really getting that […]