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How To Fight Stage Fright

The Fears That Come With Being A Motivational Speaker When I was pregnant and taking child birth classes, the instructor told us that when the pain hits, not to fight it, but to ride the wave instead.  I thought she was crazy. I was choosing drugs, baby, all the way. (Old habits die hard.)  In the long […]

How To Get The Most From a Speaking Coach

  How to get the most out of your speaker coach In the speaking industry, I have had the benefit of sitting on both sides of the coaching desk.  I coach speakers, and I have received coaching.  There are lots of resources available to speakers to help them grow their business and perfect their craft.  […]

Finding Happiness In The Argentinian Summertime

I am finding happiness right now exploring Patagonia! Southern Argentina is a mountain-lover, lake and river adventure-lover’s paradise.

Storytelling For Engagement

Storytelling In Business  Storytelling is a big word these days in business. It’s always been a big word for me, since I’ve spent my life studying the art and business of story and how to harness its power over our minds and over our ability to connect with people.  I’ve always believed that storytelling is […]

Dealing With Negative Comments

Oh no she didn’t just say that! How to handle the comments that sting As motivational speakers, there are lots of perks to our job, but there are also some negatives. One negative is that we put ourselves in a spotlight to be evaluated by everybody in the room and in the virtual world. Social media […]

Finding Happiness Through Roots and Wings

I have always said that someday, after I finish my book Hot for Happiness, I will write a book about my remarkable family called Roots and Wings. This is my family’s gift: my parents metaphorically speaking gave us wings to be independent and fly, and roots, so we are all happy to return home sometimes.

You Can’t Outsell A Crappy Speech

How I became successful in this business despite the fact that I couldn’t sell, didn’t know how to market, and my website sucked I’m not as successful as some of those big name speakers you hear about. My fee isn’t over 10k. My name doesn’t show up in the top ten speaker lists. I’ve never […]