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Letting Go To Let In More Business

  Help! I can’t keep up! There’s so much to do and so little time! I feel like I’m a hamster on a wheel, spinning out of control. Stop this ride, I want to get off! The Curse Of Busy-ness Apparently busy-ness is a virtue these days.  We sit around with wine and whine about […]

Finding Happiness Through Time With Family

Last week, I got to spend time with my extended family during a couple of special occasions. I am so blessed to have a big, wonderful, crazy and fun Irish family.

How Mirror Neurons Get Me Standing Ovations

What do mirror neurons have to do with motivational speaking? I think I’m channeling Sheldon from Big Bang Theory on this post. I never thought I would be writing about mirror neurons in the brain, and I certainly never thought they would have a business application in the world of motivational speaking. But today I […]

Quick Travel Tips For The Busy Speaker

Quick Travel Tips For The Busy Motivational Speaker ….who checks a bag.  I’m not a miracle worker. I have yet to figure out how to get “all of this” into a carry on. So these are some travel tips for the speaker who must check a bag so she can bring her cowboy boots. Make […]

Finding Happiness Through Random Adventures

I am sitting outside as I write this on a gorgeous fall day, in an outdoor butterfly garden, featuring purple butterfly bushes and tall red and pink stalks of flowers, as well as bushes that look like large purple elephant ears. It is edged by a low stone wall. The sky is a perfect blue, […]

Taking Bigger Steps to Pursue Your Dream

There are lot of way to take steps to pursue your dream. Baby steps, backward steps, or big hairy audacious steps. Have you ever looked back and realized you didn’t take bigger steps to your dream? I haven’t traveling for business in several years. The last time I traveled on someone else’s dime was way […]

Preparing for Winter: This Old House and Me

What a difference a year makes! I love the change of seasons. Here in Eastern Washington, we’re blessed with a beautiful autumn season that leads into relatively mild winters – cold but not too much snow. Seasons come and go and without a plan on how you’ll go about preparing for them, that’s all they’ll […]

Adding Humor to Stories That Sting

This story isn’t funny – so how do I add humor? Speakers often ask me how to add humor to a sensitive subject. Good question.  Even though your topic is serious, doesn’t mean you can’t add humor. In fact, your audience needs humor. As it happens, I’ve been working on a story that gives a […]

Finding Happiness Through Service to Others

This past weekend, I got a super workout in on Saturday by helping my best friend’s Dad move to a senior housing complex. I was reminded that one of the primary ways we find happiness in this world is through being of service to others.