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Avoid Adapting to Your Workout Routines

Monday you run, Tuesday you run, Wednesday you run. See a pattern? If you want to avoid adapting to your workout routines mixing it up is the way to do it. Adapting happens when you repeat motions over and over. There are a couple reasons why changing up your workout routine throughout the week will […]

9 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Dream Big

Doing what you love, and dreaming big, is well, complicated. How do we trust what we are going after will be something in the end that we really want? How do we know it’s the right dream? And why is is so hard for some of us to find out what it is we dream […]

Kill the Perfectionist: An Open Letter to my Writer Friends

It started with an email. My friend, a writer, wrote to ask me if I wanted to join her in going to a writer’s conference. My answer surprised even me. That was the foundation for this blog post. If you’re a writer who is struggling to finish that book you know you were meant to […]

Speech Blocking

    Help! How do I take all these pieces of my speech and put it together? There are so many things we want to include in a speech, that putting it together can be something of a nightmare.  Especially if you read the article I wrote comparing your speech to a clothesline analogy and […]

Finding Happiness Through the Power of the Sisterhood

I am blessed not only with two incredible biological sisters, but with a whole tribe of soul sisters. My soul sisters empower me, lift me up, remind me who I am and why I do what I do, and just generally make my life so much better. Especially as I work on building my own […]

Spin Class: Making an Old Workout New Again

Getting up and working out at the same time every day is a habit I can’t afford to break. One day missed and I am whooshing down the slide of laziness. I recently joined my local YMCA for one of their perks. The pool is super clean, has great lap times, and is not packed […]

Inspired by the Words of Women

I like words. As a writer, I spend my days with words. It never ceases to amaze me that by taking a few words, putting them in a particular order, you can inspire someone to action, or move them to tears. Our words are our most precious commodity. I’m often inspired by what women have […]

How To Get People’s Attention

  What does it take to get noticed by your market and your industry? Being a motivational speaker in the speaking industry, I’ve noticed that we as speakers spend a lot of time wishing people would notice us – the people in our market, the people who can book us, and the other speakers in […]

Finding Happiness Through Rewriting Your Money Story

I am practicing ways to find more happiness even when my financial situation feels stressful, and wanted to share these. Generating a feeling of more abundance can actually help more money to flow into our lives.