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The Anatomy of a Speech

    How do I write a speech? Believe it or not, this is one of the most confusing things for hundreds of speakers. You would think it’s a given that a speaker would know how to write a speech, but I run into more people who can’t, than those who can. Even speakers who’ve […]

Finding Happiness Through Fitness Goals

I first became obsessed with working out at around age 14. I was a freshman in high school, and it was the year when boys first liked me. I’d been the quintessential “Ugly Duckling to Swan” story – up until that point, I was skinny, scrawny, with acne, bad haircuts and glasses. Somehow, thank the […]

Will Heel Drop Shoes Help You Run Better?

Have you looked into buying a pair of running shoes recently? If you look on the road or trail at all the options you may wonder if a few of them actually qualify as “shoes”. A quick one that comes to mind is the Vibram FiveFinger shoes. Those are a little out of my comfort […]

Why Associations Matter To Your Dream

Don’t Go Through Your Dream Alone! Find An Association Near You. Dreaming can be a lonely business. Trying to figure it all out on your own is hard, depressing, and ineffective. The key to making your dream come true, is surrounding yourself with people who can help you make it happen. Relationships are the life […]

Finding Happiness In Taking Care of Business

I am finally back in my little historic city of Troy, New York after a few weeks away. I was lucky enough to get to spend a few weeks on the southern Jersey shore with my adorable niece and nephews, who were visiting from Argentina. Now’s it back to “real life,” which for me right […]

Fitness Challenge: Your First Zumba Class

It took three years of hearing about it, one year of my fellow dreamers Cath telling me about it. Add on one extremely stressful month to finally give in. I tried a Zumba class for the first time. Fumbling to the Latin Beat Cath had talked (reminded, pestered, cajoled) about my joining her for Zumba […]

Big News and Hard Work

Hello, Friends. Life happens. We all know that. And sometimes it happens all at once in a tsunami of activity. That’s where I am right now – in the middle of a tsunami. So, I will not be blogging today (except for what I’m writing here) or on 7/26. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, […]

Another Easy Formula For Creating Lots of Jokes

Writing Jokes To Use As A Funny Keynote Speaker Last week for all of you dreamers who want to be famous public speakers, I wrote, One Easy Formula for Hundreds of Jokes, where I shared with you an easy formula for writing jokes: the rule of threes. This week I’m sharing another one. I call it […]

Finding Happiness Through Resting and Playing

Americans seem to find it heroic to constantly work, and to stoically push through being sick, and to never just stop life long enough to truly rest and play. Last week, I wrote here about finding happiness in a real summer vacation. This past week, I found happiness in genuinely resting and playing, taking time […]