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Do you need to cool down after a workout?

Sweat is dripping down your face, you can barely catch your breath, and you just wrapped up a really intense workout. Ready for that cool down? Most of the time I just don’t feel like it. What the heck is a cool down? We’ve heard it for years. From gym class to fitness gurus: You are […]

6 Tips to Turn Overwhelmed into Empowered

  An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming That Overwhelmed Feeling Women live lives that are busier than ever. When you work from home as a writer or other creative endeavor, there are additional tasks that aren’t easily pushed aside. Unlike women who work outside the home, you don’t have the luxury of turning the lights off, […]

Don’t Envy the Dream — Live One

I received nine phone calls from her today, a low for our average day spent answering questions and sharing memories. Three years ago, I was told she would only live six months to a year. She’s a stubborn depression-era survivor and a retired registered nurse who has outlived two husbands. Doctors be-damned. These past three […]

It’s Not The Message That Gets a Keynote Speaker Booked

What REALLY matters to a client when booking a keynote speaker? I see, hear, and work with a lot of keynote speakers, and I’m seeing a common misconception that content is what gets them booked.  I disagree.  Of COURSE content is important. Of COURSE your message matters. Of COURSE you have something of value to […]

Passion Planner for Dreamers

One of the harder aspects of following your dreams is staying organized with the nitty gritty work involved. You have new skills to learn, new habits to form, small goals, big goals, and milestones you’ll want to document along the way. Previously I’ve kept a hodge podge of journals, notes on my phone, emails, and […]

Finding Happiness Through Being a Mermaid

It was something I have dreamt about for at least a decade, but possibly forever. I finally had the chance to be a Mermaid in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, and it was beyond amazing. It was epic. It was life-changing. I am forever a mermaid now, until the end of my days! The Coney Island Mermaid […]

Fitness Challenge: Yard Work Workout

There is a finite amount of time on the weekend. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to clean up the yard and go for a 3 hour bike ride. Believe me, if you need a workout the yard work counts. Anyone who has pulled weeds, raked leaves or moved anything heavy in a wheelbarrow can […]

8 Solstice Rituals To Make Your Dreams Come True

If there ever was a night to declare your dream vision for the future and set your dream journey in motion with a ritual, then solstices are your nights. The summer solstice happens June 20 to 23 in the Southern Hemisphere, and the winter solstice comes each year between December 21 to 23 in the Northern […]

Finding Inspiration: My Favorite Websites

    Where I Find Mid-life Inspiration This venture into reclaiming my life after a mid-life divorce has been challenging in so many ways. Whether it’s my personal life, my work (writing) life, or learning the myriad of things needed to take care of  and remodel a 100-year old house by myself – one thing […]