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Home Alone: Becoming Independent After Divorce

    I’ve been divorced for nearly a year. I bought and moved into my house about the same time. When I look back just five or so years, it’s astonishing how life has changed. And it’s not all related to the divorce. Five years ago, my two sons were still living at home; ages […]

My Stint in Prison

  Motivational Speaker Spends the Day in Prison I knew the title would get your attention. I write about hope and encouragement and nobody listens. I put one tiny little post about being in prison and I’ve got you all tuned in. Sigh. Yes, it’s true. I spent an evening last week in the state […]

Self-Esteem Girl Crush

Every woman that walks through our studio doors has a secret (or not so secret) part of herself that she automatically criticizes. My job is to drown those thoughts out long enough to have a blast taking pictures. We don’t just do makeovers with hair and makeup. We try to makeover how you talk to […]

Fed Up Movie Review: Slick with No Solution

Fitness dreams and food choices go hand in hand. There is not one conversation about fitness that I’ve had with friends, family or clients that hadn’t eventually turned to “What do you eat?”. That’s why I have to share my take on the movie Fed Up. I’ve been waiting for the Fed Up movie to […]

A Memorial Day Remembrance of Dreams Cut Short

This Memorial Day I will wake up early, pick up my mom and travel the short distance between where I live and where my father is buried. It’s a short drive to the cemetery. It’s just down my street, a left turn, another left turn and the a right up a steep hill. It’s basically in […]

The Quiet Mission of a True Hero

What a Hero is Not We live in a society where the loud and boisterous are rewarded and the quiet are marginalized. From the classroom where the extrovert child jumps at the chance to tell the teacher what he knows, to the boardroom, where the most vocal are given a stage to loudly thrust their […]

Never Assume You Know Your Client’s Budget

No way this client is going to be able to pay my fee. They are a non-profit. That means they don’t have much money. They had her last year? Then they have LOTS of money. There are only twenty people in the audience. No way they can afford me. Why You Shouldn’t Assume ANYTHING When […]

Self-esteem self-defense

How many times have you needed self-esteem self-defense? How many times has someone been abusive and you couldn’t think of a way to communicate how they made you feel until AFTER it was over? How many times has a toxic person’s words affected you long after the words have left their lips? How much of […]

Top 10 Motivational Fitness Photo Quotes

Fitness dreams need a lot of motivation. If you need a few quotes, fitness pictures, kick in the butt to get you there, I am happy to help. There always comes that day where the usual mantra you have stuck in your head fails to inspire you to get to that workout. That is why […]