Archives for April 2015

Taking a creative break

Sometimes the words don’t come. As a writer and a visual artist when I get super busy with work I have trouble making the creative juices flow. So I took a creative break and photographed the fleeting dogwood blossoms of North Carolina. I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked. Client work […]

Giving Dream Focus to Your Fitness Goals

It takes years to work on fitness dreams, from gaining health to losing weight. These things take time. So does coming to realize what my own dream needs: focus. That might sound stupid. After all I have been sharing with you dear dreamers all about how I lost 75+ pounds 3 years back. It feels […]

8 Great Books on How to Find Passion in Life

Even though I write about successfully sharing your dream online and how doing so can put you in the right place to connect with people who can help you achieve your dream, I also study what it takes to be a successful dreamer and I have found that the secret lies in finding the right […]

Remembering Nepal Before the Quake

When your dream of becoming a world traveler comes true and you’ve wandered the world a few times visiting amazing places you only imagined in your mind’s eye, you’ll find that you become attached to many of the people and certain special places you’ve trekked. This week, my heart goes out to Nepal, one of […]

Don’t Judge Your Speech By Your Audience

  How do I know what works for my audience? As motivational speakers, we work tirelessly to create material that connects and resonates with our audience.  While the words may look awesome on paper, it isn’t until we perform them that we truly know their impact.  Often much of the fine tuning of a speech (hopefully not […]

Finding Happiness In A Beach Getaway

April in New England might not be the time and place that one would imagine taking a “beach getaway vacation” for a long weekend. But my best friend recently move to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and we spent this past weekend by the ocean, on a boat, and on an island. It was lovely, and a […]

The Difficulty in Staying True to Your Dreams

This week, I’ve been thinking about the times when staying true to your dream feels like you are rowing against rapids in the middle of a vast, swiftly moving river that isn’t moving in the right direction. I don’t care how many perfectly wonderful dream-come-true stories you lay at my feet, I know that dreaming […]

Can Fitness Metrics Be Bitchy?

With everything we have around us reminding us to workout, why would anything want to be bitchy? With your week done, and your rest day officially here, glancing at the metrics all your hard workouts produced can be your virtual pat on the back. Proof all that sweating was worth it to rack up the […]

Dating and the Midlife Flirt: Did I do that?

  The moment I became single, the strangest thing happened. Suddenly, men were paying attention to me. It’s like I unknowingly sent up a weather balloon with a neon arrow pointing at me that said “Come and get it!” I was married for 30 years, and I swear, I never once got flirted with. But […]