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5 Steps to Reconnect with Your Dream Joy

For years, I had the vague notion that I wanted to be a “Joy Teacher.” What that looked like exactly, I didn’t know, nor did I know how one could make a living this way. As someone who overcame trauma earlier in my life and who feels like a “walking miracle” to still be alive, […]

California Drought Interrupts Dream Progress

While you are living the dream journey, there will be those times when life seems to get in the way of your dream progress. Interruptions can pop up like ants on summer picnic with spurts of “other busy work”–such as obligations to family, events with your children, projects at work, school finals, or attending more […]

Letting Go to Work On Your Fitness Dreams

There are times on your dream journey when you have to stop of the path and look at everything you’ve been doing to get to this point. I have been focusing on so many other things that my own fitness dreams have started to slip completely off the radar. My goal is to be an inspirational […]

Our Mentors: The Chaplain Threw a Brick at me

Our mentors, part II: Last week as part of my dream story about starting over at mid-life, I wrote about my very special friendship with my mentor, bestselling author,  J.A. Jance. Judy and I email periodically just to catch up with each other. She’s a great supporter of my writing. I’d been struggling with the […]

How To Look Like A Ten Thousand Dollar Speaker

How did I get the big gigs? We all want the sweet gigs – the ones that pay high fees and have big audiences. Or at least most of us motivational speakers do. I’m happy to get ANY gig. But I will admit that being paid full fee is nice.  And I keep hearing speakers […]

Choose Your Words

This morning I saw a post on Facebook from a friend I admire. Her post summed up just about everything I try to share with other women about dreaming big and believing in your true self-worth. The things I know are very much a part of a personal journey that only each woman can take […]

Finding Happiness Through Being With Your Soul Tribe

This past weekend, I had the privilege and the joy of getting to spend time with my “soul tribe” – other life coaches who are looking to expand our businesses and do fun, transformational work in the world. I have followed and admired the amazing Martha Beck Certified Master Life Coach Susan Hyatt for years, and I got […]

Fifty Shades of Fitness While Keeping Your Clothes On

For those who have avoided this trend that has spiced up girl’s-night-out conversations for a couple years, the Fifty Shades of Grey book series talks about sex. What does a book series focusing on a specific sex life have to do with your next workout? I guess it depends what you plan to do in the […]

How to Use Google Trends to Make Your Content go Viral

When writers first begin showcasing their craft on the Internet they usually start with subjects that only they want to tell the world. It’s natural to want to “push out” subjects that have long been sitting inside your brain looking for a place to land.  For this reason, I always recommend that people have two […]