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Travel Dreams for 2015

My Travel Bucket List is an ever evolving creature, something that helps inspire me to continue seeking to ‘make the pages of the atlas real’. You can read about my tips on creating your own travel dream bucket list here. But what am I dreaming about for 2015? January is a great time to take […]

Why You Aren’t Getting Booked as a Speaker

Problems Getting Booked as a Speaker? I just don’t understand why nobody is calling me? Why is she making that fee and I’m not? How do I get the bureau’s attention? Giving a Speech is EASY. Getting the job is HARD. There is a general consensus in the speaking industry, that giving the speech is […]

HeForShe Makes me Grateful for Women’s Empowerment

Hello my Thankful Thursday dreamers! Today I am grateful for women’s empowerment. This week, my daughter dawned her first school uniform and it made me think about the kind of world I want available to her when she graduates. Will her world be welcoming to women and supportive of her dreams? At the same time my […]

Who Owns Your Thoughts?

One of the biggest challenges I face in my career to help women see their beauty, is overcoming the powerful sequence of thoughts that they have made undeniable truths in their minds. You have to ask who owns your thoughts? Nearly every client has a “problem” area that most others can’t see. Thoughts have power. […]

What Surviving a Blizzard Taught Me About Love

Harrowing journeys can teach you a lot about happiness, your dream journey and what is important in life.  This week, I’ve decided to share with you a story from 2011 where I found myself in the middle of a blizzard while driving to see my parents and what this experience taught me about life and […]

Perimenopause Fitness: A New Fitness Challenge

Your fitness dreamer is about to share some very intimate details with you about finding fitness in your 40’s. If you are older you can commiserate, as many of my friends have. If you are younger I am passing on information I wish I had paid more attention to when I was in my 30’s. It’s […]

Starting Over at Midlife: The Journey Begins

I can’t even remember where I got it. But that old folding chair with the wood slats and great, simple lines sat on my back porch year after year. The light-colored wood was unfinished and rough. It had years of water stains and the scars of a blemished past from head to toe. Each spring, […]

9 Ways to Compare an Amateur vs Professional Dreamer

Dreamers want to understand what is it that makes successful dreamers different, how they grow their followers and how they reach millions, while the other 90% of dreamers barely generate enough interest in their dream to get their family interested. The answer lies in how successful dreamers manage their creations, approach their art, and the difference in […]

Top 8 Things to do on a Trip to Barcelona for you Travel Dreamers

For a dream European city break, Barcelona is a top choice. From its Roman beginnings to its proud place as capital of Catalonia, Barcelona has it all – arts, culture, food and a vibrant street life. Here are my top 8 things to do on a trip to Barcelona: 1. Go Gaudi Did you know […]