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8 Worst Fitness Products Marketed To Women

This fitness dreamer spends a good amount of time researching the latest in the fitness products. Not all are worth our time and money to use, or if used will do absolutely nothing for your fitness. Keeping fitness simple is key to making lasting changes in your life. Take a look at these fitness products […]

8 Top Travel Gratitude Retreats

It’s that time of year when travel dreamers begin to dream about possible travel destinations for the coming new year, coupled with the holiday season itself, where we are reminded to be grateful for another year and all its blessings, I’ve put together 8 top travel designation retreats where you can practice being grateful. These travel destinations […]

3 Stories Every Professional Speaker Should be Telling

Why Professional Speaking Is Like Selling We are all in the business of selling something if you look at selling as the desire to influence someone else to do something. We’re influencing people to book us to speak, buy our product, read our blog, listen to our truth, race for a cure, give to a […]

4 Ways to Give Thanks for Your Fitness

Fitness dreams take a lot of hard work. A good amount of that is physical, requiring actual sweat and occasional tears. After all that hard work, we deserve a reward, right? Here in the States we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This week is the perfect time to remind ourselves of this important fact. […]

What Dream Goals are You Working on?

What dream goals are you currently working on?  What?  You haven’t made any?  Is it that you don’t know where to start? Setting dream goals and completing them is not as difficult as our worried minds might tell us.  It’s simply a question of setting aside a few minutes each day.  Like right now. Get […]

Words of Encouragement for Women Speakers

Today I just want to share with you some simple words of encouragement. The business of stepping out onto that platform can be scary and lonely, filled with anxiety and questions about our value and worth. For even the bravest of women are scared to death. So in the spirit of those lonely moments when […]

Planting Seeds of Empowerment for Warrior Women

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers! This week, I am grateful for others who are planting the seeds of empowerment for women around the world. In honor of my weekly gratitude articles, I’d like to draw your attention to Vital Voices and The First Recipients of New Cambria Seeds of Empowerment Grant Program. Cambria Estate Winery has […]

5 Ways Social Media is Killing Your Dream

I took a Facebook break recently. I’d actually been cutting back for a few weeks before I announced it. And I did that mostly in case a potential client tried to reach me there. I was fine using Facebook for work, but I’d had some friendship breakups and seeing their posts on mutual friends’ pages […]

Finding Happiness Through Working on Goals

Last Saturday, I spent the day with a close girlfriend working on our dream visions for 2015 and beyond, all the way up to my 100th birthday party! It was a day of dreaming big, giggling, dressing in costumes, listening to Krishna Das, eating healthy and nibbling on chocolate. I find happiness both in the […]