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When Speaking Gets SCARY! Motivational Speaker Nightmares

7 Scary Sides of Public Speaking Most people think that it would be easy to be a motivational speaker. Wrong. There is a very dark scary side of public speaking. In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d take you to the dark side.  Hang on! 1. Motivational Speaker Nightmares: Videos That Never Die Ahhhh….the old video […]

8 Best Gratitude Websites

Hello my Thankful Thursday dreamers! This week I have much to be grateful for. I turned 31-years-young and I also celebrated my third year as a blogger. Milestones should always be celebrated my dear dreamers. I am grateful for all of you who wished me happy birthday through social media and also came to my […]

How Failure is a Perfect Part of Dream Success

When dreamers first begin their dream journey we have this bad habit of comparing where we are with our dream to other people with similar dreams and then judge our own progress accordingly. This “comparing ourselves to others” habit infects us more often than we realize, with everything from weight loss to home decor. One of the […]

Finding Happiness by Making a House a Home

If you’ve been following my posts here, dear reader, you know that I had to move twice this summer, and am just now getting settled into my new home, which is an apartment on a private park just blocks from the home I own. Turning a “house” into a “home” takes some time, energy and intention, […]

Treadmill Workouts to Avoid Fall Fitness Pitfalls

Hey fitness dreamers, it’s fall! This is the start of the holiday season and the toughest part of the year for sticking to fitness goals. Any runner will tell you that any time spent on the treadmill is pure hell. The days are getting darker heading into fall and we are losing the precious daylight […]

10 Ways to Discover your Passion

This week I am wrapping up my series on how to find what you are passionate about for those of you struggling with finding your dream. I wrote that it’s probably because of some trauma that happened to you in childhood where you became disconnected from the tasks you loved playing. And getting to the […]

Now You Can Get Travel Bucket List Ideas from World Heritage Sites

As part of my mission to make the pages of the atlas real I created a list of all the World Heritage Sites from around the world. A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as of special cultural or physical significance. (Wikipedia). […]

Different Ways To Tell a Story (video)

As a motivational speaker, I am convinced that a story is our greatest tool to influence and impact. Stories do what content can’t. And I always coach speakers and storytellers to SHOW instead of TELL. Don’t tell me about the story, show it to me. Take me there. Today I want to share a perfect […]

How Gratitude Creates Happiness and Makes Dreams Come True

Happy Thankful Thursdays dreamers! This week I have been thinking a great deal about how much gratitude impacts my emotions. I’ve been feeling particularly grateful for my husband and daughter and that has translated to me feeling happier and content with my life. Now granted, I did give up a 6 hour commute which has […]