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The Secret to Being a Great Blog Writer

When women are asked to think of a great blog writer who they like to read, they often refer to a list of mommy bloggers, like Heather Armstrong, Magda Pecsenye, Alice Bradley, and Ree Drummund. Maybe some even think of marketing guru, Seth Godin and that may be about as far as it goes.  Most […]

Dream Big at Any Age: Fitness Inspiration from Dara Torres

Dream big and you need a lot of inspiration. Some of my fellow dreamers out there will understand when I say that I don’t jump out of bed inspired each and every day. Watching amazing dreamers dream big and achieve their fitness goals gets my engine going. If they happen to be in my age group, […]

8 Best Must Have Travel Items for the World Travel Dreamer

Once you’ve booked your dream travel itinerary, it suddenly dawns on you that you will have to figure out what to pack. I am a big proponent of carry-ons and limiting what you take with you. Long gone are my days of carting a bulging full-size backpack around the world–I carry a 35 litre pack […]

The Downside To Becoming a Motivational Speaker

Like any job, becoming a motivational speaker has its downside. Sure. When you look at the pictures, it looks like I’m jet setting all over the place, laughing with friends, hopping into taxis, laughing from one spotlight to the other. And those pictures are real, and those moments are beautiful. But there are pictures you don’t […]

Empowering Women through Education

Happy Thankful Thursday Dreamers! This week I am grateful for the education I received that has enabled me to achieve so much in my life and how education has allowed me to explore so many new opportunities. You know that my dream is to empower women in my own county and around the world and one […]

When Bad is Deliciously Good

In every process from weight loss to parenting to learning art, you start out as a beginner. Most of us try to put our best face forward and focus on our accomplishments. But that can make being a beginner hard. We want to be good at something FAST. But there is an inherent lesson in […]

Finding Happiness on the Spiritual Path

Each week I write about ways to “find happiness,” and share stories of the ways I am out there in the world living dreams, and pursuing new ones. Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned in this lifetime so far, however, is that happiness ultimately really is an inside job. Of course, it’s always important to […]

Top 10 Reasons to Squat

Why would you want to squat? Strength, mobility and balance are all key to having a healthy body to use in your healthy lifestyle. As your fitness dreamer, it took a little while for me to become a believer in squats. One of the top reasons to squat is for long term mobility. I had […]

10 Tips for Better Public Speaking

I offer a lot of tips for you dreamers out there who dream of being a top motivational keynote speaker. But today I want to offer tips on what NOT to do as a public speaker, specifically in the area of how you deal with other speakers. I want to share those little pet peeves […]