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Travel to the Heart of the California Wine Country

Is your dream to travel to the heart of the California Wine Country and spend time exploring what some have called, “a wine-lovers paradise”? Then today is your California wine country travel day! Nestled in this so-called wine paradise in the heart of the California wine country is the 8WD project director, Catherine and her […]

How Motivational Speakers Get Great Testimonials

Let Other People Sell You As A Motivational Speaker The most powerful way to get business as a motivational speaker is from people who have seen you speak. Most clients prefer to book speakers they’ve seen before. This isn’t always possible. So the next best thing for them is to talk to other people who […]

Your Big Dream Lives Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers! This week I am grateful for when life forces you out of your comfort zone. It was motivational speaker and best-selling author, Denis Waitley, who once said, “A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with […]

Finding Happiness in Helping Others Find More Joy

The inspiration came while driving a few weeks back, and I’ve been doing the groundwork to make it all happen. I am finding happiness right now in creating a program that is specifically designed to help others find more joy, to beat the blues, and to create lives they love. I believe part of my […]

Fitness Trainer Motivates Others With Their Fitness Dreams

There is a point in every fitness dreamer’s path when they realize that they are helping others. As your fitness trainer, this has been a slow realization that it’s already happening. My racing experience has always been a singular experience. Not from a selfish perspective, but from an inability to torture my friends into participating. […]

Dealing With Facebook Jealousy

I love Facebook. Now I have six hundred friends who think I look like my yearbook picture. There’s something about Facebook that’s icky when your 80-year-old Uncle Fred pokes you in the middle of the night. Yesterday I private messaged my husband to tell him I loved him. He was sitting beside me on the […]

Here’s a Way Dreaming Big Takes You to South Africa and Beyond

Some years back when the 8 Women Dream Project was in its infancy online, a reader complained that she didn’t think that we were a diverse representation of women throughout the real world–meaning we all looked white, American and the same age (over 40) group. Which, as it turns out, was pretty true. It wasn’t intentional on my […]

Are People Jealous of You for dreaming big?

When we sit down to really think about what dreams we hope to accomplish, our thoughts are about how to achieve them. Something we don’t think about is how our own process might affect those around us. Sometimes we inspire others to dream big. But I never considered that chasing my dreams would make people jealous.  […]

Finding Happiness By Tackling Your Bucket List

I am a big proponent of checking items off your “Bucket List” as often as you can, vs. saving them all up for “someday.” Sometimes “someday” never comes, and in the meantime, we can find happiness in doing what scares us, thrills us or awakens our curiosity. I don’t know the last time you updated your “Bucket […]