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Fitness Dream Warning: Bikini Shaving Required

My dream to share the impact of fitness on your life has brought up some personal topics over the past few years. Here’s one to consider as you don your next workout outfit: Shaving. Specifically bikini shaving. Many hairy situations come up with any fitness dream. Most come from finding time to work out, and […]

We’re Celebrating the 4th of July with Free Giveaways

I was born on the 4th of July. Really. We’re knee-dry into summer here in northern California, so it makes it hard to sit in front of a computer screen and work diligently on 8 Women Dream. It tests my capacity to be responsible. This period of time rolling up to 4th makes me restless and […]

Silent Courage: 1 Woman’s Lifelong Journey to Wellness

Hello Dreamers– It has been almost two years since my last 8 Women Dream blog post, and I am thrilled to be back for a special occasion. This time around, I’m here to introduce you to the female heroine in my life—my mom. Mary Byrne Eigel just published her 1st book— Silent Courage: My Lifelong […]

14 Ways to Get What You Want Without Looking Like a Diva

You know you’re a motivational speaker when at Christmas your mother asks you to say the blessing, and you hand her a bio and an introduction.  ~ Kelly Swanson The Day Of The Diva Is Over. Being a motivational speaker,  and spending your career being announced and clapped for, can sometimes lead you down to the […]

3 Ways to Become More Positive

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers! My dream of being a positive, motivating force for women around the world fuels me with an endless desire to make people feel good. I am grateful for the opportunity it offers to instill hope and encourage women to take the necessary steps to facilitate change in their lives. You have the power, […]

Dreaming of Heroes

My dream to heal with photography has been to help create a new conversation about body image. The feedback from last week’s blog was a dream come true. Speaking of dreams coming true: Dreaming of heroes and meeting heroes are two separate things. But (by luck?) somehow the two intertwined recently and I was able to […]

Finding Happiness Through Living The Dream, Part III

This Friday night, I will get to experience a big dream at a new level when I celebrate the grand opening of my historic downtown Troy, New York property. I am finding happiness in the joys of living this dream, which lets me put my skills to use in the new arena of real estate development.

5 Best Lap Swim Pool Etiquette Tips for a Dream Workout

Dreams don’t come easy, and I will admit that my health and fitness dream has had some interesting challenges along the way. I was reminded of the need for anyone interested in lap swimming to have a basic understanding of pool etiquette before they jump in. I love the water. I know there are those of […]

Wait: This Really is About Being Successful Online – Not My Family Vacation

The drive between the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, known as highway 67, across the top of Arizona on to 389, into southern Utah on 59, down to 15 to the Las Vegas Valley is a spectacular feast for your visual senses. There’s the high grasslands still green against ponderosa pines and colorful aspens […]