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7 Healthy Travel Tips For Those With Summer Travel Dreams

Hi my fellow travel dreamers! With summer in full swing, it is now the time for increased travel. With the increase in dreams of relaxation, adventure and fun in the sun, our health tends to take a backseat. Whether you’re headed to fish on the lake or sit on a sandy beach, Dr. Wayne Andersen, […]

A Great Resource For Capturing Emails

One of the best assets a speaker can have is a list. One Of The Biggest Mistakes I Made As A Motivational Speaker One of the biggest mistakes I made in my career, was not capturing emails of those in my audience.  If I had set into motion a process for getting emails at EVERY […]

8 Dream Big Quotes by Maya Angelou

Today, I dedicate my Thankful Thursday blog post to Maya Angelou. I am grateful for her shining light and words of wisdom to the women of the world. May we all make her proud today. Go out and change your life today, dreamers. Then send a prayer of gratitude to Maya Angelou … Here are my […]

Grateful for The Gift of Maya Angelou

Some of the things I am grateful for may surprise you. For example, I am grateful that my tenants accidentally set my house on fire a year ago. Sound crazy? Perhaps. Yet no one was hurt, and the insurance money gave me a chance to redo everything — new kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom. My renovated […]

How to Survive Brick Triathlon Training

My fitness dream expanded this year and the culmination of that big dream is only 2 weeks away. Triathlon training is a cumulative process of workouts that get longer and more intense, and many times make you too sore to move the next day. I take this as a sign that triathlon training is working. […]

Girlfriend Getaways: Travel Dreams at Lake Morey Resort

Nestled in the green Vermont hills above the Connecticut River, Lake Morey Resort provides the perfect girlfriend getaway any time of the year. In case you aren’t familiar with Lake Morey, its claim to fame is the longest ice skating trail in the United States. Lake Morey Resort has asked 8 Women Dream to make […]

Sign Up For My 30 Days To A Happier Ever After

Kelly Swanson’s Wild and Wacky Journey to a Happier Ever After What’s it all about? Let me tell you… So How Did It Happen? Well, like most things in this business of being a motivational speaker, I didn’t go after it, it came after me. I was just out there doing my thing -encouraging the […]

Thankful Thursday Means Being Grateful for Soul Pioneers

Happy Thankful Thursday, Dreamers! Today I am thankful for music and how it can inspire you to let go of fear and take a chance on something that will change your life. In June, 2012 I wrote what has become a popular 8WD story on the Internet titled, 6 Inspirational Songs to Inspire You to Continue […]

Dreaming of Soul Food

In my dream to heal with photography I’ve had many moments of getting burned out. When you’re trying to help others you often give your own energy to help shift someone’s mind. It’s a constant balancing act to stay open creatively and nourish your spirit to prevent burnout. It’s a struggle to find the soul food […]