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Stand with Women all Over the World on May 11

This Thankful Thursday I want to share with you a worldwide dream of a group of women, who once a year stand together with other women around the world to envision a better future for all children. For 8 years at Standing Women, women have been dreaming of a world that is alive with love […]

Don’t Be A Mean Girl

It’s the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls. (Nothing like a teen movie from your twenties turning ten to make you feel old.) This movie and the book it was based on made waves a decade ago. Women everywhere identified. I bet you’ve got a mean girl in your head as you read this. Today I’m […]

American Blogger Film Ignites Blogging Shitstorm

I started my first blog back in 2003. It was back in the dinosaur days when people were using dial-up and the Internet was the equivalent of wild-west.  It was a time where meeting people from your online world made you a freak to your family and friends. Starting and running a blog was fun and […]

Group Fitness Certification: Progress on Dream Goals

Have you ever had a week where your dream goal seems to jump up and bite you in the butt? As part of my fitness dream goals I committed to getting my certification. Like most dreamers I may have piled way too much on my plate. For the past 10 months I’ve been coaching at […]

How Friends Can Make You A Funnier Motivational Speaker

How to be a funnier motivational speaker on stage Okay, so technically friends can’t make you funny – but they can help you find what you already do that makes you funny. And often you can take that to the stage. Let me give you an example. I asked my mother to tell me the […]

Can Practicing Gratitude Make you Rich?

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers! This week I’m sharing some great news about practicing gratitude and how it can make you rich. According to Science Codex, a team of researchers from Northeastern University, the University of California, Riverside, and Harvard Kennedy School conducted a research study on gratitude and found that feelings of gratitude can automatically […]

Happy Beauty is Timeless

Today’s blog will deviate a bit from healing with photography. This is a more personal blog about appreciating the beauty we all take for granted when we’re young. I’m a military brat. We moved around so much we never planted roots. We usually didn’t have friends we grew up with. So it’s extremely rare to […]

Finding Happiness in San Francisco

I will be moving back to my favorite city – San Francisco! – later this summer. In celebration of finding happiness in returning to the “City of My Heart,” I am sharing here a favorite essay that I wrote in March 2007 for the Noe Valley Voice in SF.

How To Foam Roll To Get More Flexible

While I work on my own fitness goals, I have a great opportunity to help others get fit every week day morning at Santa Rosa Fit Body Boot Camp. Just this weekend I assisted with an hour long seminar on Foam Rolling for a friend of mine, Harmony. Harmony is also my Massage Therapist and […]