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Find Your Fitness: Top 8 Ways to Ask for Help

  No matter how committed you are to your fitness path, having the support of your significant other can make a difference in your results. Whether they are joining you on your path to health, or acting as your cheerleader on the sidelines. This week I will celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary to my […]

How Thoughts Become Things Make Dreams Come True

Professor Ochorowicz, Polish philosopher, psychologist, and inventor once wrote about how our thoughts create our reality: “Every living being is a dynamic focus. A dynamic focus tends ever to propagate the motion that is proper to it. Propagated motion becomes transformed according to the medium it traverses. Motion tends always to propagate itself. Therefore when […]

Speech Writing: The 3 Column Template for Crafting a Speech

We all have different approaches to writing a speech – none of them wrong if it results in a quality product. Sometimes the hardest part of writing a speech happens before you write the first word –the preparation – that stage when all of your thoughts and ideas are floating above your head in no […]

What I Know for Sure About Gratitude

Hello Thankful Thursday dreamers, Dreaming big dreams doesn’t protect you from life. If anything, doing something about your big dream amplifies just about everything that happens in your life. It doesn’t protect you from setbacks or disappointments — you will still experience life — but dreaming does give you something to cling to when life […]

1950s Portraits of Men

Every once in awhile I get a shoot request that allows me to grow beyond healing through photography. This one in particular was from a client who is the president of the local cigar club. He wanted a classic shot with smoke. This can be challenging and I had never tried to photograph smoke so […]

Finding Happiness In A Traditional Irish Feast

It is my sincerest wish for you on this day … May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings, Slow to make enemies, quick to make friends, But rich or poor, quick or slow, May you know nothing but happiness From this day forward. Finding Happiness in the love of a partner — Finding […]

Active Recovery: 6 Workout Ideas to Reduce Sore Muscles

Active recovery is the strangest concept that most people don’t understand about fitness. Active are the days you have a workout, and recovery means rest days with no workouts, right? Past fitness information has misinformed us with the idea that days we are active and days we are “resting” are mutually exclusive. The truth is […]