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Where Do You Go To Create Your Dream?

Does Your Dream Have A Place To Dance? I’m a motivational speaker, so when I go to create, I go to write stories and speeches and shows. That’s what my creation process looks like. For some of you dreamers it’s about painting, or imagining, or writing, or developing film, or running, or cooking, or whatever you […]

Too Much Photoshop

Earlier this month I posted a video of Just Enough Photoshop. In my dream to heal with photography I’ve come across countless women who didn’t realize the extent of retouching that was done on the images they saw daily. This week I’m editing a photo far beyond what I would consider appropriate: Click to watch […]

Treat an Injury for Dream Fitness Results

We have been ingrained to ice an injury for so long. The first question I always get if anyone sees me with an injury is “Have you been icing it?”. Now there are some interesting studies on the use of ice. Mostly that we have potentially been adding to our recovery time by icing the […]

Who Else Wants to Travel to Russia?

The Olympics offer the world an opportunity to travel from their living room.  This year the world was exposed to the subtropical region of Russia that resides along the Black Sea. Many people believe the stereotype that Russia is this freezing cold place where you need to drink Vodka and wear fur to stay warm. While it is […]

Finding Funny In The Ordinary Moments in Life

Funny Is Everywhere You Look It’s not really in the extraordinary moments where I find my humor – but actually in the most ordinary of moments. Kelly Swanson Make Humor Part Of Your Dream As a funny motivational speaker, humor is a BIG part of my dream. And I think humor should be a part […]

Who Else Wants to Know the Science of Gratitude and How it Makes Your Life Better?

Hello my dreamers! It’s Thankful Thursday again.  I want use this moment with you today to encourage you this week to spend more time being grateful. When you feel like your life is beyond your control, or that things will never change, incorporating a grateful heart is actually good for you.  Gratitude will keep you […]

Pay-It-Forward Beauty

My dream to heal self-esteem with photography leaps forward with every client that suddenly sees themselves in a different way. I have long been wondering how to help people who haven’t had the opportunity to work with me yet. I started to notice a pattern in with my closest girlfriends and sisters. We are constantly […]