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Why They Love You But Don’t Buy From You: Tips To Sell Dream Products

  Just Because They Love You, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Buy You I heard those words at a recent conference for keynote speakers, and they changed my entire perspective on my business. I have been assuming that an audience who loves you will automatically buy from you. Not true. Having them love you and having them […]

When You Get Creative Push Back From Living Your Dream

My dream to heal with photography has had some peaks and valleys. So has my much shorter writing career. My last blog created quite a bit of controversy for me. At first I was excited (peak!) then floored (bummer valley), then I realized I needed to blog about what creative push back feels like for […]

Finding Happiness In The Big Apple

Last week, I took a business trip to New York City, and it turned out to be one of my most fun trips to the big city, ever. This week, I’m sharing stories of finding happiness in the Big Apple, even in the midst of a giant snowstorm, which honestly just added to the drama and fun.

Dream Fitness Advice From Around the Web

As with any dreamer, a huge part of what we do to succeed is research. In my case, as your fitness dreamer, that includes following and reading some amazing fitness and health blogs. I know there are limited hours in your day, just like mine, and each of these blogs offers something different I can […]

Europe ski travel dreams in Austria

Welcome to Travel Saturday. This time last week I was riding in a ski gondola – with free wifi – posting pictures of the glorious Austrian Alps on my Facebook page. I have skied in France, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia but this was my first time in Austria. So what is so great about […]

Six Secrets To Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

Speaking In Public Ranks In Top Five Fears If you are afraid of speaking in public, you are not alone. It’s in the top five – I think even higher than death. Yes, people would rather die than get up in public and speak. At least some people. As a keynote speaker, people assume that […]

Be Thankful for Change that is Challenging

It’s Thankful Thursday my lovely dreamers! What are you thankful for this day? Today I am thankful for change that is challenging. We all go through life events that force change down upon our seemingly tranquil worlds. I was told once that when you don’t plan your life your life will plan you. Change will […]

Dream Health: Schedule Your First Mammogram

The big decisions in life to make are always the hardest. I’ve found anything to do with important health decisions ranks up there. Add nerve racking to the mix, and the odds are you will put it off as long as possible. Women over 40 need mammograms In my case, high risk women over 40 […]

Dream Challenge: Create a Mini Guide Memory Deck

I have long been a fan of career counselor and best-selling author, Barbara Sher. Her powerful dream road maps for living the life you love got me started on this road of dream exploration – why it works for some people and not for others. As this new year begins its journey, it’s the perfect […]