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Finding Happiness in Making A New Start

The end of the year is always an emotional time for me. It’s a time to celebrate all the joys of the past year, and to release any disappointments.

Inspirational Stories of Getting Fit for the New Year

The new year brings out the desire to make big changes. A good portion of those making New Year resolutions will include goals for weight loss and getting fit. As your health and fitness dreamer, finding inspiration and motivation was key to my own weight loss and fitness. The posts listed below are a few […]

The Secret of Making Your Dreams Come True

You begin each new year with the best of intentions. You write down your resolutions, you vow that this will be the year for you — only to arrive at the end to ask, “What happened?” All your best-laid plans stalled.  You face the new year wondering what it takes to finally make your dreams […]

Big Dream Story: Teach Women To Read in Nepal

  One woman can change the course of her life through something as simple as learning to read. Chuna Devi, a Nepalese woman, was never sent to school, married off at 16, and made to feel that “being born a girl is worthless.” But at the age of 47, she changed her and her daughters’ […]

Is Your Dream A Job Or A Calling? Asks Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

Motivational Speaker Living The Dream People are often surprised at how hard I work to make this dream work. And I think that’s because when they look at me, they see this as my job. Which is true, it is my job. But if I were just going to go out and get a job, […]

Be Thankful for New Beginnings

This week I’ve put together a video for you as I reflect back on 2013. The one thing I learned from 2013 was to be thankful for new beginnings. Being open to change helped me realize that I am a lot stronger than I once thought. Enjoy the video! Here are 8 quotes on new […]

Dreaming of a Happy Christmas

As Christmas approached this year, I tried not to let it fill me with dread. After the past year of health problems, a divorce, and a cross country move I had low expectations. Since my ex-hubby and his family get The Bub this year, I honestly prepared myself for a quiet day hunkered down with […]

Self Care Ideas for the Holiday Gift of Good Health

Self care ideas and your health may not be at the top of your list, especially with the holidays looming, but I want to you to think about something while you read my post this week. How do you prioritize your own self care? Our health improves with every decision we make, and it starts with self care […]

Planning the Launch of You and Your Big Dream

I should really call this post: “An Ode to Rayne Wolfe, journalist and published author…” After four years of writing and sharing my dream success thoughts on 8 Women Dream, today I can offer you a “this-is-how it’s-done-dream-come-true story” right out of the pages of 8 Women Dream. Yesterday, former 8 Women Dreamer, Rayne Wolfe’s […]